Thursday, February 14, 2008


Home is always better than not home, especially when “not home” is J-5. Nothing personal Jody, Renee, and the other nurses. We love you, but home is better.

Not much going on though. Tyler was in bed all day. He is still having trouble controlling the pain. The burning in his feet and hands, along with the nausea, are the main things. It is difficult to stay ahead of the pain. It is a lot like a child trying to catch a ball rolling down hill. Once the pain starts rolling it is very hard to catch up with it. It is important to always get ahead and stay in front of it.

I pray Tyler is feeling better tomorrow. He has scheduled a school lesson for tomorrow, so hopefully he is up for that. Dublin Schools has been very helpful with all we are going through. When they saw the long delays he was having between lessons, they reorganized everything so he only focused on one subject at a time. He can now take accelerated lessons in one subject, and then when he has completed it he will start on the next one. They have been very helpful and accommodating through this process. They are fully committed to keeping Tyler on track with the rest of his class. It will be a great day when he walks into school next year.

Last week-end was the sweethearts dance, and Tyler was elected to the sweetheart court. I heard from many of the students that passed on the corsages and wore Tyler’s FIGHT TO WIN wrist bands. What an amazing community.

Tyler is starting to feel more comfortable talking about what he is going through. It has been a long road, and a lot of emotions from all of us. He said he would post on here, but he first wanted to create a place solely for his own thoughts. He was not able to update it yet today, but did get started yesterday before he left the hospital. Please stop by that site as well.

The best news is that Tyler might be home for over a week! We will be in a clinic twice a week (we go back Monday) to check blood and other issues.

And this could be our mid-point to remission! Four chemo's down, and possibly only four more to go to remission. Once in remission there are still some things to deal with (such as bone marrow and stem cells), but one step at a time. Three months ago we had difficulty looking this far ahead. It seems like a life time ago. Since then Tyler has passed three major milestones that significantly changed his prognosis. The amount of faith and support from our friends and community and continue to amaze us all.

“For I know the plans that I have for you . . . plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope."
--Jeremiah 29:11
"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though everything is a miracle. The other is as if nothing is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler and Tyler's Mom,
I am sorry to hear Tyler is in pain.It is so scary to watch them pump the toxins in that will cure our child.I used to laugh and say here they were all gowned and gloved and masked and they were putting it staight into his vein!NO FAIR!But there is light at the end of the tunnel.Matthew had stage 2 Burkitt's and we finished chemo in May oflast year.Aside from some residual pain in his back(I feel the result of the constant spinal taps)wich has since dissappated he is well.He just started school about two weeks ago and thanks to our homeschooling through Calvert he is actually ahead!I live in Marysville,so if you ever need anything including a Mom who has been there(soooo relate to "no place like home!)Please call 937-246-2245(I'll answer A Creature COmfort KEnnel My buisness) and ask for Susie.
God Bless and I will be buying some of the bracelets.Perhaps Icould sell some at Relay for Life.We have a team.Team Cancer Terminators!God Bless
Susie & Matt Eichelberger