Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jana Slonecker

Great News!

I just received an update from Jana, and she just hit her one year anniversary in remission. This is fantastic! Everything about Burkitt’s is fast. It is cancer on speed. It grows fast, kills fast, dies fast, and relapses fast. A relapse of Burkitt’s is most likely to happen within the first 3 months of the last treatment and remission, and rarely after 6 months. A relapse of Burkitt’s after 12 months in remission is so extremely rare that most oncologists consider you cured. Today Jana celebrated 12 months. I have never met her (we know her because she is Kylee’s cousin), but I am still really excited.

It won’t be long. We will be posting Tyler’s remission right here. And then his 3, 6, and 12 month milestones to the cure.

Please continue to pray for Brett waging his 2nd battle with Burkitt’s after a one month remission.

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Lisa Slonecker said...


We will be there for your celebrations, Tyler! You'll get there! 4 down...you're doing it!

Still in our prayers,

Lisa Slonecker