Friday, February 22, 2008

The Scans

Tyler had his scans today. There was a mix-up in the scheduling, so the CT scan was not done until 4:30. Therefore we will not have the full results until sometime tomorrow.

The past four rounds were designed to erase all detectible cancer by this point. If successful, the four rounds will be repeated to destroy all sub-detectible cells remaining. If not successful, other options will need to be reviewed.

Tyler’s ANC is still at zero. His white count has moved up slightly to 0.2, but all other counts are unmoved. Regardless of the results of today's scans, the next round of chemo is still very intense. Therefore an ANC of 1,000 is required to begin the round. Tyler was able to rebound much quicker in the earlier rounds, so this was not as much of an issue. ANC is watched much closer now. Each assault by chemo makes the rebounds more and more difficult.

The doc’s came in and asked if they could have pictures taken of Tyler’s feet (The feet are very gross looking). The doc’s are putting together a presentation of unusual side effects of chemotherapy, and want to include Tyler’s feet. I thought that was kind of funny that they wanted the pitures. I had to sign a waiver so they could photograph the feet. I guess that is so we can not come back and demand royalties if his feet become famous. Maybe Tyler will end up going to med school and some day find his feet in his text book.

I was once at a church retreat that had an ice breaker where you had to write down an unknown fact about yourself, then everyone had to match the facts to the person. I was just thinking that Tyler can now write that a part of his anatomy is featured in medical science. How many can make that claim? Probably nothing that will help him on a job resume, but it's still a funny story.

Photographing the wounds reminded me of a couple of years ago when the boys and their friends were on bikes at the construction site that is now Tartan West. They were trying some stunts that would qualify for the Jackass movie. Travis crashed his bike and slid face down through the gravel, peeling a couple of layers of skin off one side of his face. His brothers and friends immediately ran to get their cell phone, but they did not call for help. They used their phones to take pictures of Travis and send them to friends. Then they took Travis to show his girl friend what had happened. On the way Brandon (he’s our mature one) decided it might be a good idea to call home. We spent the next few hours at Children’s with a doctor picking gravel and dirt out of Travis’ face with tweezers. A day in the life of a house of boys. Before Tyler’s feet, Travis' face was about the grossest thing I had ever seen.

Tyler's pain in under control, and he has been using the pain pump a lot less today. The nurses are able to get a lot more smiles out of him. We are praying for results tomorrow that show all detectible signs signs of cancer are gone. Three major milestones have been crossed, and Tyler passed with flying colors. This is the fourth.


AJs dad said...

CLEAN scans buddy......go for it!

Anonymous said...

Sean came home last night to say the scans are clean- how wonderful! Great news!
Wish the basketball team well today- they have a tough playoff game at 10.
Take care of those feet,
Carol Sward

deyerle said...

Dear Tyler,

Praying your scans are clear and your counts go up. Glad your pain is better. Take care of those famous feet!

Fight to Win!

Love, Debbie

Lisa Slonecker said...

Dear Famous Feet Alfriend,

We hope your counts rebound quickly and the scans PROVE that you are winning! We all know it, but sometimes those doctors think they need proof! You would think they would just believe the faithful fans that KNOW you will do it! LOL

Kyle--We enjoy your updates. And, don't apologize--cancer DOES suck. I believe that our family and our friends have focused on our blessings and have developed a greater appreciation of life because of Jana's journey. But, Jana had to suffer in order for us to learn...what can be OK about that?! Missing a year of her childhood, her loss of "innocence" of believing that bad things don't happen to good people, her tears as she watched a fellow hospital friend die, her slow return to good health and stamina, etc. etc. I can't imagine any parent would disagree after watching their child suffer--Cancer DOES suck.

We are hoping Tyler is making an upswing and the white count raising even a tiny bit is a good sign. Hang in there and take care.

Lisa Slonecker

Suzi G said...

I had to laugh at the memory of Mr. Daredevil Travieso. He did look pretty scary -- as did Tyler's feet! Travis healed up just fine ... and Tyler will, too!!