Friday, February 15, 2008

Settling in on J-5

We are settled in now here on J-5 (the cancer floor at Children's), after a few hours in the cancer clinic. White blood count is back down to 0.1, and the platelets are low as well. Brandon is coming home from OSU, and I was really excited about everyone being together for the week-end, but that will happen another time.

Brandon just called. He went to hear Hillary speak on campus last night, and wore his Young Republican tee shirt. That is classic Brandon. I am sure he went in bright eyed, wearing a disarming smile on his face the entire time.

It is impossible to say how long we will be here. The good news is that there is no fever…and therefore no infections. If that holds true we should only be here a few days.

One of the lessons I need to learn much better is enjoying the moment. I guess sometimes I spend too much time working to make everything come together. Then, like this week-end, everything changes in a moment. It is a difficult balance. It is important to do everything in your power to prepare for all the battles of life, relationships, work, finances, and family. But sometimes you need to let go and enjoy the moments you have. They are both critically important. I think I blow it more than I get it right. Several weeks ago I found a hand written note on a crumpled scrap of paper in the clinic. It is a bit corny, but it has been running through my head since we drove back to Children’s today.

“The future is the future,
And the past is the past.
But this moment is a gift from God.
That’s why it’s called The Present.”

Please continue to pray for Brett. The signs continue to look troubling. Brett has beat Burkitt’s lymphoma twice in the past 8 months. Last month he received his bone marrow transplant. The doc’s continue to believe all the problems are just side effects of the transplant, but finally decided to run PET scans and CT scans today. The problems are identical to what happened when the cancer returned for the second time last November.
Brett is receiving the CT scan at this moment. Then his mom will wait for the results. Wait. There is a lot of that here. Much too much waiting. Keep them all in your prayers.

“Sometimes the road to heaven will lead us straight through hell.”


Anonymous said...

come on Tyler, its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog....

Anonymous said...

sorry I should tell you that my son also fought Burkitts. I know you can do this Tyler. SOOOOO many people are behind you I know. People you dont even know like me. Cancer sucks, believe me I know. But dont forget you are not a statistic or a percentage, you are you. Never let them get you down buddy.

AJ knew everything about sports like your mom or dad says you do. He was a football player, hockey player, soccer player and ran track. His teams were Buffalo Bills and Sabres, Duke (we live in Raleigh) and the Yankees. The post above shows how to read about him.

Anyways, thats not why I am writing. I want to encourage you to hang in there. It is only TEMPORARY! You have a long time ahead of you partner. Stay strong.

Your friend, AJ's Dad

Tammy C said...

People are thinking of you in North Carolina-noticed you had a post from Raleigh-Raleigh is up the street from us like when we lived in Dublin and went around the block and were in Columbus.

A couple things.I loved the fact that Brandon wore his Young Republican shirt to hear Hillary.I just saw the news that she is campaigning strong there-OUCH!

There are many former Ohioans here in the Raleigh area and when we see each other it is like a family reunion.Last week we were at Conti's Itlian Market in downtown Raleigh and I was wearing an OSU shirt.A man who used to be a wrestling coach at Kilbourne came up to me saying O-H and I said I-O.Needless to say we spent another 20 minutes there talking about Ohio and OSU.Last night I was wearing my OSU jacket and another man showed me his OSU shirt-this was ashorter conversation.Kroger is the best place to see former Ohioans.

We did bump into somebody from Boy Scouts and yes Dennis is from ShakerHeights.He wanted to remind us about St.Baldrick's Day-more info check this site:

Our friend has a 16 year old daughter Laura who has been in remission for ayear from brain cancer so he is already familiar with St.Baldericks.I mentioned Tyler and he said he would be praying for you and the family.

My son has a science teacher who graduated OSU in 2005 and there are a couple other OSU grads at Wake Forest Rollesville Middle School.I thin they end up teaching here because it is easier to get jobs.

Take care.
Tammy Cancilla

deyerles said...

Hang in there Tyler!
You are still ahead 4 to 0!
You're winning this fight!
Continue to be strong and fight hard!
We are all praying hard for your strength and healing!
Fight to win!

Anonymous said...

Cancer opens our eyes to see life in a new way. As my mother was enduring her brain cancer, I remember being struck by how much suffering there is everywhere in the world. All I had to do was to look to the left and right around me in the nursing home to see it right in front of me everyday. It made me realize that the times in our lives when things are "normal" are really the exception, really the gift, yet how rarely we see them as such. We wait for the "big moments" and always look ahead to exciting future events (vacations, achievements, holidays, etc.) and sometimes lose sight of the gift of the present moment, no matter how mundane, routine or simple. Cancer and the suffering it produces forces us to re-focus, to notice the little things people say and do, and to be grateful in every moment. A dear priest friend once wrote, "Be Present to the Present of the Present". Yes, is a bit corny to some, but for those of us who have walked this journey, the truth of this saying is strong. Many are lifting you up in prayer, Tyler, as well as your family. May you find peace in this journey through the love and care you receive from others.