Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still Fighting! Still Winning!

We received all the results from the scans today. There three major phases of this battle. The first was to eliminate all detectable signs of cancer within four rounds of chemotherapy. This is extremely critical because the next two phases of the war are battling sub-detectable cancer cells that are hiding and waiting for an opportunity to rebound. Since those results are difficult to measure, assumptions are made that the sub-detectable cells will respond the same manner as the detectable cancers. A complete elimination of detectable cancer by the fourth round of chemo is a strong indication that continuing the protocol will eliminate all remaining cancer cells.

The scans today confirmed that all detectable cancer is gone! There is a lot of scaring and other damage, but no obvious cancer. The courage and fighting spirit of Tyler over the past 3 1/2 months has been successful. It is reason to celebrate. Our prayers have continued to be answered.

When I told Tyler about the resits, his response was a casual, "Okay. So what. That's what we expected." That's Tyler. Always fight to win. Always assume you will win. Therefore why should anyone be surprised when you do win?

I wanted to run down the hallway screaming the results. I actually think that every time anyone gets good results, they should be allowed to shoot bottle rockets down the hallways of J-5. The longest hallway in the floor is leading to the double doors to the day clinic. We should paint cancer cells on the door and have target practice with bottle rockets. We then could have a big party for everyone, and blast Bob Marley through the sound system:

Rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun
Three little birds, sit by my doorstep
Singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true
Singin' this is my message to you-ou-ou
Singin' don't worry about a thing
Cause every little thing is gonna be alright
Singin' don't worry about a thing
Cause every little thing is gonna be alright

Just a thought. Maybe I will put it in their suggestion box.

On a slightly more serious note, we now continue on the path of repeating the last 4 rounds of chemo to kill the remaining sub-detectable cancer cells. Tyler's ANC is still at zero. There is already discussions that round 5 will need to be delayed. The doc's are discussing sending Tyler home again until he can rebuild his strength for the next round. But at this point nothing is being done. With a "0" ANC Tyler will not allowed to leave the hospital. Of course the only thing Tyler is concerned about is how chemo is going to fit into the upcoming March Madness schedules.

Please do continue to keep Tyler in your prayers. Far too many of our friends have passed this phase, only to have Burkitt's show it's ugly head again in a matter weeks. We thank you for your constant prayers. We also love your posts, emails, and note. Thank you very much.

Please continue to pray for the Workman family. Brett went back to Children's in West Virginia two days ago. He will then go home in a day or two. His mother is still searching for options.

Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name. He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. With a long life I will satisfy him And let him see My salvation.
--Psalm 91:14-16


Lisa Slonecker said...


We all knew it--just happy the Drs. could confirm it! God is great, indeed!

Love the idea of the bottle rockets or target practice. It would be good for everyone involved!

On to the next round--die you stinkin' cancer cells, DIE!! And, stay far, far away from this fighter cause he's going to WIN!

Praying for the counts to rise so you can keep on moving.

The Sloneckers

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!! We all knew it would be good news...

You all are a fighter and you are in it to win.

Still praying!!! And will continue through it all.

The Smith Family

Anonymous said...

Praise God for this awesome news. We must not grow weary in our prayers or take this good news as a sign its ok to let up on begging God for a complete recover, just like you said, too many have had to deal with the uglyness of it appearing again. So as we say thank you, Jesus, for this, we say thank you, Jesus for what you are GOING to do as well.
And at the risk of taking any glory away from the entire Alfriends strength for the fight, let us remember WHO is the true fighter and who gives us the strength to fight!
In Him,
the women who met your parents and brother last summer, Connie[who hates water fights!!!]

Anonymous said...

That is the word...just what we thougth we would go have your Daddy's will...make it are in our thoughts and prayers...

Anonymous said...

YES!!! YAY! Congrats and great work Tyler! Those counts will be up in no time.

deyerles said...

Celebrate good times Come on!!!!

What wonderful news I am so happy for all of you guys...

I think Tyler was so calm because he is confident, determined and steadfast! He is doing what needs to be done and not looking back! You go Dude!!! Fight to Win!

Kyle and Kathy you have done such a great job rising all your boys. They have grown into very fine young men. I know you are very proud.

We will continue to pray for improvement in the counts.

Enjoy this wonderful news as a family!


donatelife said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations!

Rhonda Hoffman said...

Well, if they won't let you set off bottle rockets in the hospital, then just let them off back in the neighborhood. We will all know it's just the Alfriend boys having a good time. And, it would be a great sound to hear!! Great job Tyler. This is news we have all been waiting to hear!!

Jeff, Rhonda, Julia, Kailee & Colin Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyler!! Keep up the good fight! We are continuing our prayers and will continue to check up on you!

The Timbrooks

Mrs. Kim Deagle said...

I am so happy to hear the great news! Congratulations! I am always inspired when I read your blog. Keep fighting, Tyler! I will keep praying for you win!
Kim Deagle

Tammy C said...

Good news to hear.

Kylee said...

Great news about the scans. I think we are now both cancer free in the detectable way, just the non-visible stuff now needs to be taken care of. So we got our black Fight to Win shirts right before Becca's huge game yesterday, so my mom and I wore there because they are Dublin colors and we wanted to WIN the game! And they were good luck so I am washing mine and wearing it AGAIN Tuesday as a lucky charm. I am still scheduled for round 5 on Wed so maybe see you then? I have something to show you that I think you will like.


Anonymous said...


While I haven't met you I am so encouraged by your strength, determination and spirit. I work for Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation and I had the opportunity to talk with your dad by phone last Friday. I was checking out your site today because I was praying that you received great news about your scans and you definitely did! I will continue to pray for you. Keep fighting to win!

Leslie Meyer

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to read the great news-however I was not surprised a bit! God will ONLY lead us into victory-he will never lead us into defeat! Keep pushing, keep fighting and know you have prayer warriors all over the states praying for you-many of which you don't even know :) God is a God of miracles-he heals, he restores and he uses it all for His glory. Nothing is too big for God...remember when God IS THE GREAT I AM...cancer is nothing! I know it doesn't feel like it but keep the faith-he is using you and your story in mighty ways. With love and prayers and praise from California.

dina b. said...

I LOVE the bottle rocket/Bob Marley visual :) I don't see a problem with that -- It would add a little excitement to J5!!

I hope Tyler gets some time to recover before the next round starts --

God bless you all!

Kelley Schillig said...

Alfriend Family,

My brother is in tyler's class (Alex) and I just wanted to let you know that I think about both you and the Bornhorsts everyday. However, from 7pm on Friday until 7pm yesterday, your two families were the ONLY thing I thought about. I am a sophomore at UK and I participated in what we call "DanceBlue," a no sitting no sleeping 24 dance marathon, raising money for the children's oncology center here at UK. I will be completely honest, there were times when I did not think I would last as my feet burned and exhaustion hit in. But the entire time I knew that if your families and all the other families facing what you have to go through I knew I could suck it up for a mere 24 hours. You all have so much strength I can not even imagine. As I checked on Tyler's status tonight, a now daily routine for me, I was thrilled to see that on this very day, the day after I did DanceBlue, that you all have FABULOUS news! I know that you still have a long road ahead of you but please know that even us that are not close with you still know, care, and pray. Thank you for being so strong.

"We DANCE because we can. We STAND for those who can't." -BD08

Kelley Schillig

Anonymous said...

What great responses from both of you! As parents, good news helps us stay strong and positive for our children. But what a great attitude from Tyler. He knew things would turn out fine. Our kids are stronger and smarter than we think.
Still praying and rooting you on,
Friend of Stef

Grandma Bonnie said...

Dear Tyler,

Shalom from Tel Aviv, Israel. I was in a Museum today wearing my Fight to Win shirt and an Isreli gentleman who speaks English came up to me and asked what I was fighting to win.

When I told him my grandson, Tyler was Fighting and Winning Over Cancer - he was very taken back. I think he thought I was on a protest Christians against Jews.

He was a Jewish man but was clearly concerned when I told him about you. He said your Grandson will win - He must win. I thanked him and he smiled.

As your Dad keeps saying - your jouney has shown us all what is really most important in life.

There are no conflicts - no battles religious or otherwise more important than a child being restored to health.

Stay Strong - we are going back to Jaffa tomorrow, which is within walking distance of our hotel. This is where Jonah was thrown overboard and swallowed by the "Big Fish"

A lot of Biblical history here.


Grandma Bonnie