Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank you, Dublin!

Here are some more pictures from this weekend. Thank you, community of Dublin.

I can not imagine all the time and energy Laps of Love took from my wonderful associates at Keller Williams. What a fabulous event. I was truly blown away by all that they did to put this event together. I love the poster board they made for everyone to sign.

During the Laps for Love event, Jerome principal Sankey came as soon as the girl’s basketball game was over. The girl’s team had a “Buck a Basket” fund raiser for Tyler. Many of these students began their day at 9 AM in our back yard yelling to Tyler “Fight to Win!” They then began Snowball Softball, then the basketball game, and finally over to Laps for Love. What a great group of young people. It has been so exciting to see all the support for Tyler. This is such a wonderful community. Tyler was only 4 months old when we moved here, so this is the only home he has known. Some who came have known Tyler since preschool. Others came to tell me their personal experiences with cancers. I wish I could have spoken with everyone there.

We have also been very impressed with the leadership at the school. The staff at Jerome has been wonderful in their concerns for Tyler, both his health and his continued education. We have always felt close to Jerome. We built our home behind the property before the school was built. The boys and I played paintball around the school while it was under construction (but don’t tell any one). Brandon was in the first graduating class, and Travis will be in the first class that attended all four years at Jerome. Now, all that they are doing for Tyler is a gift that we will forever be thankful.

Tyler had a good today. He is now receiving his third injection of ARA-C, the chemo drug that seemed to cause all the problems last time. He receives this one twice per day. No problems so far. His first injection started last night (the injection takes 7 hours). When it was done in the morning, Tyler ate two orders of pancakes and sausage! He then spent a bit of time with Kylee, who is also started her fourth round of chemo.

Please take a look at Tyler's Fight to Win shirt on the post below

I was given some more pictures of the Laps for Love, and I thought I would share them.

Travis walking with his friends. Hey! He's a captian on the track team! So why is he walking?

Rick Smith gets $600 for the signed OSU football

Jack Hanna talking about his daughters three successful battles againt cancer.

Jack Hanna writing a note to Tyler on his Fight to Win shirt

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