Friday, February 1, 2008

"Tyler Alfriend Day" and an exciting week-end!

Looking Good!

Yesterday we received the results from Tyler’s scans. The primary tumor has reduced another 30% since it was scanned 3 weeks ago. All other areas show continued improvement. The neck and chest scans came back completely clear. All great news! The cancer can always start gaining ground at any time, but for some odd reason this cancer is most likely to do that in the 10th week of treatments. We are now through the 10th week and all good news!

Tyler continues to regain his strength, and his blood counts are continuing to improve. On Wednesday he was released from isolation, and last night we came home. Home is always a good thing. He has already had three friends stop by after school today.

If all goes well, Tyler will be home until he starts chemo again on Thursday. Six days home! That is more then the total combined days he has been home since November 14th! The three rounds of chemo have really taken their toll. The doctors were concerned about Tyler's body handling another round without some time off. The great lab results made that decision even easier.

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 is the Jerome High School “Snowball Softball” for Tyler. Tyler can actually watch the game from Brandon’s bedroom window. Everyone at Jerome has been so wonderful from the very first day. Then tomorrow night at the Dublin Recreation Center is “Laps for Love”, from 8:00 – 10:00. Tyler is not able to be around that many people, but the rest of us will be there. It has been truly amazing how this community has pulled together to support Tyler.

Travis called from school to tell us that there was a pep rally today at Jerome, and it was announced that Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher, city mayor of Dublin, has declared tomorrow “Tyler Alfriend Day” for the city of Dublin. The entire room started chanting “Fight to Win! – Fight to Win!”

Brandon is coming home for tomorrow's events, and then our entire family will be together for Superbowl Sunday. Go Giants!

Thank you all of Jerome. Thank you Mayor Chinnici-Zuercher. Thank you Keller-Williams.
Thank you Dublin!


deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,
You are one handsome devil!
I am so excited to hear the great lab results!
I hope you have a wonderful 6 days at home. Get stronger, rest and re-energize! Then you'll be ready to keep some more butt!
How AWESOME to have your very own day! Enjoy every minute! I'm sorry we aren't there it sounds like so much fun!
Fight to Win,

Grandma Bonnie said...


You are looking so good! Gorgeous guy that you are! Your strength is amazing. You are winning this fight and proving to everyone that your determination and fighting spirit can beat off any giant that comes your way.

Our friends in Monterey are celebrating Tyler Alfriend Day tomorrow as well.

Keep up the great work.


Grandma Bonnie

The Davies said...

You are looking great!! We are so thrilled to hear the great news about your lab results and coming home! We also excited to be a part on "Tyler Alfriend Day"! You are a fighter & an inspiration to all of us!! Enjoy this time off , re-gain your strength & get ready to continue the fight you are so admirably winning.

I have no doubt you are stronger than every football player that will take the field on Sunday for the big game!!

You are Awesome!!

Pete, Lisa ,Connor, Nicholas & Grant Davies

Renee said...

Wow! You look absolutely awesome Tyler! I'm glad you're feeling better:)
Enjoy YOUR day today:) And enjoy watching the super bowl on Sunday....GO GIANTS!!!!
Enjoy this time off and I'll be looking forward to seeing you next week:)

Renee', RN

Tammy C said...

How nice of the people in Dublin to be giving you all of the loving support.Enjoy your time at home and have fun on Tyler Alfriend Day!!

Tammi from Berwick said...

Handsome Tyler,

Way to go! You deserve it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey,Tyler-in all my years,I have never personally known any one who had a day named for them and to think it is my very own grandson!!!
You are looking great and keep strong for the next step in your battle-you have conquered it so far and we all know this will just be a nasty memory soon.
Love you so
much,Ty Grandma Smith

Rhonda Hoffman said...

You look so great! It is wonderful to see you smiling. Just know everyone around you is supporting you and is here for you during this journey. You are a fighter.....and a winner!!

The Hoffmans
Jeff, Rhonda, Julia, Kailee & Colin

Mary Anne Noland said...

What a SUPER weekend it will be for you. Tyler, your eyes look brighter than I have seen them since this whole ordeal started. Enjoy some football and home cooking. Hope you were able to enjoy some of 'your day'.