Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tyler Alfriend Day - Thank you Jerome!

What a day!
“Snowball Softball” at Dublin Jerome High School. The day started with Councilman Michael Keenan presenting a proclamation making February 2nd “Tyler Alfriend Day” in the city of Dublin. Then Principal Cathy Sankey kicked off the events. Tyler was not strong enough to come out and watch the games, so about 200 Jerome students charged into our back yard and yelled for Tyler. He stuck his head out the window and thanked them for all they had done. It truly meant a lot to him to see all the support.

Snowball Softball has been a student fund raising event since Jerome opened. This year the added participation increased the event from 6 teams to 16 teams. That is great! We are very excited to have played some small roll in helping to build "Snowball Softball" into a larger event as it continues to assist more families in future years.

This is the first time I have seen this event. It was really a blast watching the students and faculty in the games, all joining in community support. It was very cold, but it was heart warming to watch.
We can not say enough about all that the Jerome community had done for Tyler. The basketball teams, hockey teams, track team, and more have been outstanding. The staff and tutors have continued to affer all the support they can offer. In September Tyler will be walking back to start his Junior year. He will walk through those door, minus cancer and plus hair!

Principal Sankey kicks off "Snowball Softball - Fight to Win!"

Councilman Michael Keenan reading the proclaimation of

Warming up between games

Message from Tyler. Our back window looks out on the ball fields.

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