Monday, February 4, 2008

Tyler Alfriend Day - Thank you Dublin!

It was a very exciting day.

We are amazed by the participation at Snowball Softball in the morning. Then at 8:00 we walked into the Dublin Recreation Center to see about 300 people for the Laps for Love event. It was so wonderful to see all the friends that came out to support Tyler at this Keller Williams event. I really wish Tyler could have seen all of this. A lot of his class mates from this mornings Snowball Softball were back for Laps for Love.

Rick Smith donated an OSU football autographed by a few Buckeyes. I never heard who all signed the football. I just know Craig Krenzel was one of them. When Rick took the football to him to be signed, Craig said, "Tyler Alfriend. I know him. I've been down to Children's to see him!" As it turns out Rick, who came here to play basketball for OSU (team captain in '79) grew up just a few miles from me in northern Virginia. Small world. It is so amazing to see people like Rick who continue use their success and connections to help others.

Then Jack Hanna showed up with tickets to the zoo and new waterpark. Jack spent a lot of time learning about Tyler and how things are going for him. He shared a lot about his daughter who is doing well now after three battles with cancer. Both of these gentlemen are truly sincere and caring people. It really makes your heart feel good.

I intended on running for the Laps for Love, but never made it up to the track. So many friends and neighbors kept coming up to tell me of their prayers and thoughts for Tyler. I wish I could have spoken with everyone there. There were just so many friends, some going all the way back to Bailey Elementary and St Johns preschool. Keller Williams had a lot going on, but I missed most of it talking with everybody. I can not imagine all the time and energy the Keller Williams staff put into Laps for Love. We really appreciate all they did. I wish so much that Tyler could have been there to see it. But we took him a lot of pictures. Several people have told me it was on the news, but we somehow missed all of that.

The BEST surprise of the night was seeing Kylee Bornhorst, along with Tony and Dina. Kylee looks fantastic! Kylee and Tyler have different cancers, but we have been together through this entire experience. Kylee and Tyler had similar symptoms about the same time, were diagnosed at the same time, and ended up a couple of doors from each other at Children's. The Bornhorst's are a great family, and it has been so helpful having someone to share experiences with. Kylee graduated with Brandon, Tyler's oldest brother. She is a Miami student. Her blog link is listed on the right. The last I heard she was still anxiously awaiting the results of her latest blood tests. I find the waiting game one of the most difficult parts of this experience.

Tyler has been a little overwhelmed by all the events. He is just taking it all in a little at a time. Everything continues to be good news. We passed the very critical 10 week point with continued reduction in the tumors (about a 30% reduction in the past 2 weeks). Tyler is able to see friends for a few hours a day. His feet are healing well, and he is able to walk short distances (about 20 feet). The rest of the pain is manageable, which has been one of the biggest problems in the past. More blood counts will be taken in the morning, and we hope to see continued improvement. Wednesday we will be at Children's all day between clinic and the day hospital. If all continues well, we will then be admitted Thursday to start back up on chemo. Once Tyler gets through this fourth round, we start back over and do all four again. After that, the treatments will proceed according to the progress on the cancer.

We thank everyone in Dublin again for making TYLER ALFRIEND DAY a wonderful experience.


deyerles said...

Hey Guys,

So glad to hear things went so well this weekend.
I'm sure Tyler does feel a bit overwhelmed being the center of so much attention. As wonderful as it is to have so much support, I sure he feels something similiar to stage fright!
Hope Tyler is getting stronger each day and enjoying being home.


Grandma Bonnie said...

Hey Ty,

What a game! In your honor I watched one of the few football games I have watched from beginning to end.
I was in Portland, Oregon and everyone there was rooting for the Giants because you are a fan. Could you hear the chanting Fight To Win for the Giants and for you? It was awesome!

Good news - round four starting. Half time coming up soon.

Love you,