Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update from J-5

Last night was a lot of ups and downs for Tyler. It took a while to get the pain med’s increased to where they needed to be. By about 4 AM we got the med’s at the necessary level. Then Tyler sat up and watched Sports Center. Today the pain has continued to be manageable. It is an easy quiet day.

Other issues:
White counts are sitting at 0.1
Platelets are still dropping, and more transfusions are coming.
Red cells are now dropping, so blood transfusions will start soon.
Temperature is beginning to spike, so antibiotics have begun. There may be an infection.
Throat and mouth are sore and it appears to be the early stages of the mouth sores.
Nausea is back in strong.
Tyler has not been able to eat today, but so far he has stayed off the TPN.
Feet and hands are no better, but also no worse.

Please also keep Brett in your prayers.


Lisa Slonecker said...

Thanks for the update. Tyler is never far from our thoughts. I know how hard it is to wait wondering if Tyler has "bottomed out" or if there is further to go before the upswing begins.

Hang in there and enjoy the good moments when they happen. May there be more good moments than bad in the very near future.

The Sloneckers

deyerles said...

Hang in there Tyler!
We have thought about you alot today and are glad the pain is better. We will continue to pray your counts improve and the side effects will diminish. I am praying for you to get a chance to spend a few good days at home.
Fight to Win!

Anonymous said...

Tyler, I know you can beat this. You are such an inspiration. Keep fighting to win!

Anonymous said...

stay tough are stronger than it