Thursday, March 6, 2008

Always Something Else

It is so weird to inject deadly poison into a person to save their life. But that is what chemo is. It seems more time is spent countering the effects of chemo than fighting the actual cancer. It is like a bizarre medical version of Bill Murray in Caddy Shack, blowing up the golf course to kill the gophers to protect the golf course.

Tyler has had a good time at home. Time with friends, catching up with school, and basic R&R. Chemo begins again Wednesday morning. Tuesday evening Tyler was feeling good enough to go out to eat. On a friends recommendation we tried Genji Japanese Steak House. It was a great recommendation. We all really enjoyed it. Great food, great service, and they gave us a private area to keep Tyler away from to many people. It was a good evening.

The next morning Tyler and I headed out for Children's. I find the better the home time, the harder the trip back. It was not fun. This was compounded by the knowledge that round 5 is one of the harder chemotherapy's.

We arrived at Children's this morning with Tyler mentally preparing for another week of chemo and me carrying a week of luggage. The day started with re-accessing the ports in Tyler's chest. Next came the hydration, which is critical during the chemo process. Then we went down for the EKG of Tyler's heart. Chemo can do a lot of damage to the heart, so those pictures are watched closely. Two and a half hours into this process, the nurse stooped in to say the party was over. Tyler's platelets are too low. Go home. We start over again on Monday. As they de-accessed Tyler's ports he began to bleed, evidence of his low platelet count.

Not a fun day. Emotions ran high. Then a few hours later Tommy stopped by and he and Tyler went out for some Cee-Cee's pizza. It was good for Tyler to get away for a while.

This is from Tyler...

Today my Chemo date was changed to Monday because my platelets were low. They were at 68 and they need to be at least 100. My Grandparents come on Sunday which is good because I am feeling great and every time I have seen them recently I have been feeling bad. They have been here many times since I was diagnosed and have greatly helped throughout all of this. My other grandma has also been a huge support and has kept me going. After this is over I cannot wait to go down and see her. She is going through the same thing as me so she hasn't been able to come down. There is no way I could have done this without all of their support and help. My brothers have all been great with helping me when I am at home. My Mom has been a huge help in and out of the hospital. She always knows what to do when I am feeling bad. She also makes sure I stay on top of all the necessary things to stay healthy. My school and friends have been amazing through this process and have made everything a whole lot easier. All of these people and all the other people who read this blog have helped me get past every round of chemo and are the reason I am at this point now. Thank you everyone for helping me through this, especially all my nurses and doctors who have and continue to heal me and make this as easy as possible. My faith is the final and most important reason why I have gotten this far and I know that God will be with me throughout the whole second half of this, and for the rest of my life and beyond.

Thank You.



deyerles said...

Hey guys,

Sorry about the delay. I know it is disapppointing and a let down. I sure it take a lot to prepare mentally and physiclly for a new round.
Like I told Tyler on his blog. God has a reason. Hopefully Monday will be the day. We wiil pray.
Meanwhile enjoy your time together.
I know it is hard but try not to let the things you can't control take control.

Fight to Win

Anonymous said...

My Dear Tyler,Grandma Smith here--Iam so sorry things did not go as planned yesterday and I know first hand how it effects you when things have to be postponed because we just want to get on with what we need to
do so we can get on with our NORMAL life as soon as possible.
But we have to remember that the doctors have our best interests at the forefront of treatment and are doing what is best for us to keep us healthy enough to heal and defeat this disease that has taken over our lives.Soon.even though it seems like forever,you will soon be back to leading your teen age life that you have been missing for too long.I am also hoping for a reprieve soon so I can get down to see you and torment you with all the hugs and kisses we have been missing for too
long. miss you and all the rest of your great family.
You have been great through all of this and it wiil soon be seen as a big glitch in your young life that you defeated with your great attitude and faith and help from those handreds of people and their thoughts and prayers.
I can't wait to be there and celebrate together.
Love you so much-you are the first thing on my mind every day and all day.
See you soon,Grandma Smith

mrs. ruf said...

It is good to hear from you, Tyler. Your words are a blessing to us as we watch how this event is shaping your life. I am glad you are able to get out of the house a little with friends and family. I'm sure you are frustrated by the delay in treatment. It reminds me of the line from the movie "Forrest Gump"; 'Life is what happens when you're busy making plans'

I think of all of your grandparents often. It is quite evident that they have been a blessing to you and your family during this and I join you in thanking God for them.

Tammy C said...

Sorry to hear about the delay in chemo,Will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Another "hurry up and wait" - sorry.
Your mental toughness is incredible and your support staff is second to none! Keep fighting and know we're thinking of you and praying for you daily.

The Belkes

Deborah said...

I just came upon your site while looking at something else. Please know that I am praying for your healing from this and for all those who work to strengthen you every day. Never let loose of faith in God. 'Having done all, stand'. Stand in the faith and assurance that God holds you constantly in His hands. Your name is written on His palms.