Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Rough Day

Tyler is still on J-5. His counts continue to drop and he has developed a fever. The doc's are trying to identify the source of the fever. This happens a lot and they rarely find the cause. Tyler usually ends up beating it on his own before they can find the source.

Stef stopped by today. I missed him, but Kathy was there. It is always great when he stops by.

I went out for dinner at a dads night out with Kids N Kamp, a group for families with cancer. I was a little worried about going. Actually a lot worried. I have never gone to anything like that. I was afraid it would be some sappy support group that belonged on the Doctor Phil show. But they were meeting at Hoggy's for ribs and beer, so it sounded like it may be safe. I'm actually glad I went. It was a good time. We drank beer and talked about poker, deer, and paintball. What else could you want in an evening? I must admit, for some odd reason, there is a level of comfort sitting around guys who know what you are going through. Even when nothing is said.

I got an email from the mom of Cameron Brown. They are on J-5, but I have not meet them (although I am sure we have passed in the halls). Cameron has been hammering away at cancer for 5 years. Please keep him in your prayers. His link is added to the right under blog links.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight to win, Tyler! You can do it! Kyle - I'm glad to hear you had the opportunity to get out with the guys and talk about "normal" stuff. It is so important that you and Kathy take some time to re-charge your batteries, so to speak. After all, you're both fighting the good fight right beside your incredible son while taking just as good care of your other three wonderful boys - a truely amazing feat that many of us could only hope to do half as well as the two of you, if faced with similar circumstances! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you!

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

We are praying you keep fighting!