Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back on J-5

Things have been increasingly difficult for Tyler since Sunday evening. When he woke up this morning it was clear he needed to get to clinic right away. Once at clinic he was giving more transfusions, and then finally admitted back to J-5.

One day at a time.


Anonymous said...

You remain in our prayers. You are such a special family!!

God bless you.

Tammy C said...

Here is a hug all the way from North Carolina!

Lisa Slonecker said...

Although the hospital is definitely no fun--I'm glad you're where they can help you feel better. Rest, accept the help they can give you, and take care.


Anonymous said...


You are always in our prayers & we are thinking of you! You are truly a fighter & we are all cheering you on in this battle. You are an amazing person & as I have said before you are a real inspiration to us! Keep fighting to win-you are certainly doing a great job at it!

Any tips on the basketball NCAA bracket?? Connor has put together a pool for our family & I know nothing about basketball!!

Take Care - You are always in our thoughts & hearts!!

Pete, Lisa, Connor, Nick & Grant Davies

deyerles said...


Kenny thought you might be interested in this info. You may already know about it. The Moss Report www.cancerdecisions.com 1-800-980-1234. This guy that works with Kenny was telling him about it. Sounds interesting!

Praying for your pain to go away and your counts to be good. Hangin there Buddy! Fight to win!!!!!!!!