Sunday, March 2, 2008

Driving Again!

Tyler is feeling good. Some friends slept over and played rock band and x-box all night long. Tyler did great, but did a lot of resting the next day.

Now he is feeling strong enough to drive again. That is very exciting! Tyler was diagnosed shortly after getting his drivers permit. We only got two drives in before Tyler got sick. Since then he has spent most the time in the hospital, and been too weak when at home. I was thrilled when he asked to go driving. Cancer has taken a lot from Tyler, but it must fight for all it gets. Tyler is taking control throughout this journey. Cancer is a tough adversary, but Tyler is still the master of his life.

Here we come!


deyerles said...

Way to Go Tyler!
Claudia was glad you missed the ducks! lol
So glad you are feeling better. Continue to live to the fullest and we'll continue to pray for the cure!
Fight to Win!
P.S. Aunt Bonnie sent Claudia the same pictures at the wailing wall. That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Love to see you drive like that in Belvedere!

You can do it!

jd said...


Tara took the Manley Road roundabout at 30mph her first time through. I didn't know Dodge Caravans handled that well on two wheels. She road it out though...Kari had to change her undies as she was sitting closest to a light pole we just missed.

Way cool that you could get some and cruise the neighborhood!


Grandma Bonnie said...


Wow - Can't wait to see you driving. What a great day. And especially that you are keeping up with your school work. You are just amazing!!

Lots to share with you about our trip. I will work on a journal before I see you. Heading out in a few hours for our 25 hour trip back.