Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tyler is continuing to improve and bring up his counts. Late today he was released from J-5 and came home. He is now asleep on our sofa in the family room. His body has continued to take some hits, so the next round is pushed off to April 8th. Tyler will be 16 years and one day old the day he begins round 6. Originally our goal was to have the cancer beaten by Tyler's 16th birthday, but the cancer turned out to be much more extensive than originally thought. Still, Tyler has come a long way, and we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tyler told the doctors he felt he could get started on the next round sooner, but they did not agree.

I think Tyler and I had some of our best father son talks during this round. I really enjoyed our conversations.

The worst of the round 5 side effects are now over.
Well done my son.

Score Card
Tyler - 5
Cancer - 0


JD said...


Congrats on grinding through another round of chemo...I bet you're glad to be perched back on the couch at home, enjoying some family-style room service!

Your dad's blog about his travels through the Parsons/Livingston neighborhood was amusing despite the somber undertones...however, I think I saw him wandering through the CVS parking lot in Shawnee Hills in that wrinkled overcoat last night - I really like what he's done with his hair!


deyerles said...


Glad to hear you are resting at home.Great job!WooHoo!! 5 to 0
Way to go! Never doubted it for a minute. You're awesome! Sleep,eat and have some fun then bring on round 6.

Fight to Win and winning you are!!!


MJ/Angel_Wings said...

"Our Promise To You"
We may not hit your site each day
and days can turn to weeks...
But know that you are in our hearts
and of you to God we speak.
For you, Dear ones are on our list
of prayers we say each day
For strength to fill your weary heart
for grace to fill your day.
for light to fill your darkest hour
for peace throughout the night
Please know that we are standing by
through each step of your fight.
And should you need a special prayer
please come to us our friend
for Angel Wings will pray with love
and love will never end..

Grandma Bonnie said...


I am liking that score card 5 to 0. Big Birthday coming up. It's Party Time. With your counts coming up and knowing you - a good time is in store.

Prayers for feeling good and enjoying the spring weather. Give Oreo a hug. She is happy to have you home.


Grandma Bonnie