Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Round 5 Update

All things considered, Tyler is doing well this evening after his 2nd day of chemo.

There were some difficulties during this mornings surgery, but everything appears okay now. The preliminary results of the surgery are very good. We should have all the final results tomorrow.

This will be the 8th time Tyler's spinal fluid has been tested for cancer. Every time it has been clear, indicating a cancer free central nervous system. He continues to receive chemo injections directly into his spine.

All tests continue to show good results. Tyler continues to win on each round. It has been hard, and there is still a lot ahead, but with each round he gets closer to remission. We are very appreciative of everyone's prayers and support. We also love the emails and posts on the blog. Thank you.

Today was Brett Workman's funeral. His twin brother Brent gave a wonderful eulogy. His younger brother Tyler released a dove at the grave site. Brett is now free, and the cancer has been buried.


Renee said...

I stopped in to see you last night but you were sleeping. It's good to hear this round is going better for you.
Your strength truly inspires me. You are one of the strongest kids I know....I admire that!
Keep fighting.....

Fight to Win!!!!
Renee', RN

jd said...


Your last few blog posts have been so eloquently worded that they require no response...the thoughts and emotions that your words evoke inspire us to really appreciate our faith in God and everyone/everything around us.

Tyler is truly an amazing young man...our prayers and thoughts are with Tyler and his family daily.

Fight to Win!

The Domianos

MJ/Angel_Wings said...

Good Morning Tyler I am praying for good results from the surgery. Please know that you are surrounded with love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like to see this news article. The headline is "Five-Year-Old Cancer Patient Trying for World Record". It's about a little boy with Burkitt's who is collecting paper airplanes. Here is the link:

-Mary Lynn G.

deyerles said...

Hey Tyler,

Hope things continue to go smoothly for you. We are praying for great lab results and a easy week for you! Hang in there.

Fight to win!

Lisa Slonecker said...


Thinking of you a lot today as you dive into Round 5. Those spinal injections are no fun, for sure. Stay focused and stay strong and know that you have lots of support and prayers coming your way.

Kyle, I'm sure you being there today meant a great deal to Brett's family. I hope they know they also have a lot of prayers coming their way from people everywhere.

Lisa Slonecker

Anonymous said...

So far, the family believes they've collected around 200,000 planes. They'll continue doing so until March 17th. If you'd like to help Hunter set a world record, you can mail a paper airplane to:

Hunter Winship
The Airplane Cancer Goal
11227 North Hill Road
Freedom, New York 14065

This is an excerpt from that article listed above about the 5 year old with Burkitt's in New York. There is still time to help him out!!