Friday, March 28, 2008

Running for Cancer

One of my favorite blogs is by our friend Stef. He has this amazing ability to fight his cancer by going around encouraging others in their battles. He regularly stops in on Tyler to see how he is doing. A buddy of Stef's is running the City of Columbus 1/2 marathon in a couple of weeks to raise funds to help Stef take his family to Fenway Park. If you read the story I think you will agree it is a cause worthy of support. You can check it out at

At the same race our friend Lisa Davies will be running with Team in Training to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. Her site is

I will be at the race, but only running the 5K. Tyler is still laughing at me for signing up for the Team in Training Columbus Marathon in October. It is to raise money for cancer research. He even got the nurses laughing at me. He said it will take me a couple of weeks to cross the finish line, assuming the trailing police car does not run me over. Very funny. Tyler says I will never make it because I am fat, slow, and old. But now I'm losing weight, getting faster, and have stopped acting my age. My goal is to become skinny, fast, and immature.

I told Tyler I was up to about 20 miles a week. His response was, "Great. So now the marathon will only take you 10 days to finish." Tyler did give me some suggestions on losing weight, but after much consideration I have decided not to go on Chemo. But I do appreciate the thought.

A lot of people in the Team in Training fund raiser come up with a slogan. Mine is "Fat Man Running". I like it. My first choice was "Watch Kyle Have A Heart Attack Raising Money For Cancer Research", but I was worried it would not fit on the tee shirt.

I actually ran 5 mile yesterday, my longest run to date. I saw some of the Team in Training people have journals tracking how they feel during each run. I thought that was a cool idea, so here are my thoughts during today's run.

Start: This is easy. I can do this.
1st Mile: This is stupid. I can't do this.
2nd Mile: I think I'm going to die!
3rd Mile: Someone please help me!
4th Mile: I'm going to lay down right here and die!
Finish: Somebody please shoot me!

Only a short 21 more miles and I will have this down. Piece of cake.

Actually, I am really having a lot of fun doing this. It helps clear my head and is making it easier to focus on both work and medical decisions we are making. Tyler continues to feel better (although he still sleeps a lot). He is having some friends come by to see his this afternoon, his first visitors since we got home.


Anonymous said...


I simply cannot understand why your Dad is unwilling to at least try some of your suggestions. You and I know that you only mean to be helpful and have his best interest at heart. I think most would agree that he should re-consider at least some of your ideas. I know that AJ would always have similar helpful suggestions for me. Most of them started with "Dad why don't you just......" It is that "just" part that is hard.

AJ's cousin Abby put together this amazingly beautiful story for her college class that you have to see.........

if it moves you, go to these links........


Take care.....AJs Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle and Tyler,
Kyle I am with Tyler.You made me laugh soooo hard this morning!You go out there and run for all us fat people!!! I promise if you do fall down or get run over I will send Graeters to the hospital:)Now do I send Mocha Chip or Rasberry??
Keep up the great blog and Tyler keep it up.There is normal waiting for you on the other side of chemo!
Matt continues to be cancer free andI know you will be too!
God Bless
Susie Eichelberger

deyerles said...

Dear Kyle,

I like Fat Man Running or as I tell Kenny, Run Fat Boy Run! If you keep it up it may be Run Fit Boy Run! Now that would be inspirational! lol Good Luck!

Keep your old man on his toes! Glad to hear your feeling stronger.
Your always in our prayers.

Fight to Win!

Spatziano said...

Hey Tyler! Keep up the great work mate! It's a tough me I know.


Kevin Seely