Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sinjin Andrukates on TV

Very early in this process we were introduced to Sinjin Andrukates through Brett Workman. Sinjin is 14, and is also battling Burkitt's. Much like Tyler, Sinjin shows little concern about his own cancer, but has a lot of compassion toward others in their battle with cancer. He is always keeping everyone updated on the many friends he has made through this process. He is constantly positive and always full of encouragement.

Sinjin's mom wrote a wonderful poem about Brett Workman, which was read at the Brett's funeral by his twin brother Brent.

Sinjin was recently interviewed on the news. I was speaking with Sheryl (Brett's mom), and she gave me the link to the interview. I thought it was worth watching, so here it is.

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