Monday, March 17, 2008

Team in Training

Tyler was in clinic this morning. White count is dropping, so we are waiting to hear if Children's wants start transfusions. The pain seems to be increasing. We have another meeting Thursday with the oncologists to discuss the direction of Tyler's treatments.

I have mentioned here a few times about the critical need for more funding for research. There is a cure. We just need to dedicate the time and funds to find it.

Twenty years ago a dad and some of his friends ran the New York City Marathon in support of his daughter with Leukemia. They named their group Team in Training. The name and idea took off, others began running and biking in events around the country to raise money for all blood cancers. Since then runners for Team in Training (TNT) have raised $850 million for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.

A dear friend of ours, Lisa Davies, will be running the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus on April 12th in honor of Tyler. All proceeds of her race will go toward Leukemia and Lymphoma research to find the cure. If you would like to sponsor Lisa in her race, you can find the information at:

This past October, just 3 weeks prior to Tyler's diagnosis, I was working the Columbus Marathon water station with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. That is when I first learned about the Team in Training program, and saw all the purple jerseys of the TNT runners. As we look back, that is about the exact time that Burkitt's Lymphoma and Leukemia was beginning to advance through Tyler's body. Today I now know more about the cancer than I ever believed I would learn.

Recently I told Tyler I was going into training to run the Columbus Marathon in October for TNT. He began to laugh hysterically. I am not sure what is so funny. I guess he is suffering some neurological side effect of the chemo. Brandon, Travis, and Erik were also laughing out loud. I did not realize chemo side effects could be contagious. They even laughed when I told them I was running the 5k race at the Capital City Half Marathon. I asked Tyler for one good reason why he was laughing. He said I was old, slow, and fat. Clearly he gave three reasons when I only asked for one, giving more evidence that this is a neurological side effect based laughter. I will need to discuss this with the oncologists.

Until then, please check out Lisa's Team in Training site at


Suzi G said...

You are a good sport! Tyler forgot to mention "extremely kind hearted" in his list...

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler and Kyle,

I am praying for both of you!!! lol

See how inspirational you are Tyler, you've got your old man running! I have no room to talk. Good Luck Kyle!

Tyler we are praying for a speedy recovery from this round !

Fight to Win!

Eva from VA said...

We all have your bracelets on in the INOVA ABC Center in Fairfax, VA (I don't know how to send the picture (I have one)). We are wearing your bracelets as we give our platelets. Your heroic "fight to win" is such an inspiration to us all. We hope that this round goes easier than the last as you continue to win each one.

Kyle--Running is going to keep you from being "old, fat and slow" just be careful and make it a healthy run. We will be pulling for you too.

Tyler--Continue your "Fight to Win"'s working.....

Kyle Alfriend said...

Hey Eva-

I would love to see the pictures. Tyler was born in Fairfax, at Fairfax Hospital.

Take care and Godspeed


jd said...


The very thought of your dad running does conjure up some interesting visuals...

I can only imagine if he decided to do a triathlon. Can you see your dad swimming, biking and running in a purple Speedo? I'm sure sponsorship dollars would come flooding in!

Our prayers are with you for this round of "Fight to Win" chemo!

JD & family

Lisa Slonecker said...

Hi Kyle--As always, your entry made me laugh...which is always a good thing any time of the day!

Jana will be working at the finish line as a "hero" for Team in Training in October. She would love to "pin" you at the finish line. They even train people to "walk" the marathon if you want to think about that. Last year, Jana pinned an 80-something year old man that ran for Team in Training. I don't know you in person, but from what I read--your determination can make it happen. And tell Tyler to stop laughing! :) :)

Tyler--hang in. This is not easy--you have a lot behind you, but a lot ahead too. This crossroads is tough as you gather strength for what's ahead--YOU CAN DO IT. We are praying.

Lisa Slonecker