Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Wailing Wall

Tyler's grandparents (my mom & dad) in Israel at the the Wailing Wall, saying prayers and wearing Tyler's FIGHT TO WIN shirt.
Leaving prayer notes in the cracks of the wall.

An older gentleman asked my parents about their tee shirts. He thought it was a political statement about Israel. Not really. He could not be further from the truth (although I though it was funny). The truth is FIGHT TO WIN is all about life. One of my very favorite stories in Tyler's battle is the Dublin High School's Sweetheart Dance. The students voted to forgo corsages and give the money to Tyler's Fight to Win Fund. In the letter the students sent me they stated, "Flowers die, and we want our money to go toward life." How amazing is that? A statement from "kids". With that attitude we can find the cure. Cancer does not stand a chance. With that attitude, war does not have much of a chance either.

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