Sunday, April 13, 2008

Round 6 Update

This has been a very hectic week. A lot has been going on. The bottom line is that Tyler has just completed his chemo injections for round 6. And he is doing well!

The toxicity of the chemo in round 6 is lower than the past rounds, therefore it does not automatically require being admitted into the hospital. The treatments are done in the cancer clinic and, assuming all vitals are strong, Tyler is allowed to go home. Vitals remained good, so Tyler made it home every night.

Additional chemo shots had to be given by Kathy and I at home. One of our great neighbors, a nurse, came over and helped out on this one.

The last chemo injection of round 6 was given last night. The worst of the side effects and dropping blood counts have typically started three days after the last treatment. Now we just wait (I hate this part) to see the side effects of this round.

Tyler's bone marrow continues to appear clear of cancer. No new tumors have appeared. The blood cancer is not detectable, but signs appear good. There is strong evidence that the cancer is in a full retreat. We just need to make sure we are attacking every possible hiding place.

Our conversations continue with MD Anderson's and Boston Children's. They have been reviewing all of Tyler's records and results. I can not emphasize enough the importance of being relentless with the doctors until all your questions are answered. We are the only true advocates for our children. Our children deserve nothing less than every thing we have to give.


The Smith Family said...

We are glad to read that Tyler is doing well with this round!!

You are right about being relentless and that we are our Children's best advocate.

You have set a great example to follow!!

You remain in our prayers.

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

CONGRATULATIONS on finishing round 6!
Look how far you have come!
You are so AWESOME!
We pray there are no bad side effects in the coming days. We are so proud of your strength. Your cure is just around the corner. Fight to Win!


Lisa Slonecker said...

Jana and I are sitting here checking up on you, Tyler!

Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you and thinking of you as you progress through your rounds. You are doing AWESOME!!

The Sloneckers

Anonymous said...

We had consulted with MD Anderson too, Dr. Nunez. He is a great man who assured us we were always do the right things, and truly cared. If he is an option for you guys, he is a good one.

take care
AJs Dad

dina b. said...

Absolutely!!(on your last paragraph) Keep fighting, Tyler, and Keep fighting FOR Tyler, Kyle & Kathy! So glad you did not have to check into the hospital for this last round -- that is great news!

Thinking of you always...