Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Delay

Tyler was supposed to start round 7 of chemo today, but that did not happen. The docs had been worried about his ANC, which needs to be at 1,000. His ANC actually got up to 1,075, so we thought we were good. But then his platelets, which need to be at least 100, came in at 58 (normal platelets are around 400).

Science Lesson 101: Platelets basically do to blood what adding cornstarch or flour do to a sauce or stew. It makes the blood thicker, which enables it to clot. Cancer kills platelets. Chemo also destroys platelets, and can cause internal bleeding. If Tyler comes out of the gate with low platelets, the effects of the chemo could make his blood as thin as water. He could bleed to death before anyone knew there was a problem. That is why platelets are watched so closely. Bottom line: No chemo this week. Tyler is setup to try again next Monday.

Kathy is taking advantage of this break to take Tyler to go see Kathy's mother, Tyler's grandma Alice. Kathy is very close to her mom, and has not seen her for over a year. This is by far the longest they have ever been apart. Alice is battling a relapse of ovarian cancer, and therefore cannot travel. And up to this point it has been impossible for Kathy to make the three hour drive to see her. The trip will be good for all of them.

Please remember to keep Sinjin in your thoughts and prayers. He has finished his radiation, and will begin his bone marrow transplant tomorrow morning. At 14 he has shown more courage that then entire team of doctor surrounding him. When they said something was "impossible", he said they mis-pronounced the word. They meant to say "I'm possible". We need more doctors with the attitude of Sinjin.

Sometimes God calms the storm.
At other times he calms the sailor.
And sometimes he makes us swim.

You can fight without ever winning,
but never ever, win without a fight.
--Neil Peart of RUSH

They shall mount up with wings like eagles.
They shall run and not be weary.
--Isaiah 40:13

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed.
We are perplexed, but not driven to despair.
We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God.
We are knocked down, but never destroyed.

--2 Corinthians 4:8,9

Anything is possible. You can be told that you have a 90-percent chance or a 50-percent chance or a 1-percent chance, but you have to believe, and you have to fight. If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or Fight Like Hell.
--Lance Armstrong


deyerles said...

Dear Kathy and Tyler,

Enjoy your visit with your Mom and Grandmom. I know you are disappointed about the delay but sometimes God has other plans for us. Don't worry be happy!

Fight to Win!


Stef Tarapchak said...

Hey, Tyler. Sorry to hear that you had to postpone this round. It sucks. Have a great time visiting your grandmother! Stay strong and FIGHT TO WIN!!!! Miss visiting you, but maybe I can try to get up to your next treatment for a quick visit.