Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back Home!

Tyler is home again! That is always good. The conclusion, due to lack of evidence for anything else, is that all the problem are chemo side effects. We will take side effects over the other possible scenarios any day of the week. Tyler is now home and resting comfortably.

Diagnosing these problems can be very difficult. A major reason is the amount of damage and scaring the chemo does to so many important organs. The damage seems to be much worse in teenagers. Chemo can not identify cancer cells, therefore is searches and destroys all fast growing cells (which is why you lose hair and finger nails). Unfortunately for teenagers, they have a lot fast growing healthy cells and hormones. The chemo is also attacking and damaging all those healthy cells.

There are some very exciting drugs in research that can solve that problem. They are called "smart bomb" drugs, and can actually identify the specific cells with cancer. We are looking at one of these experimental drugs call Baxxer. Baxxar took 15 years and 1.2 billion dollars to develop, and it is still classified as experimental (which means insurance will not touch it). This is why funding for research is so important. These young people are being ignored. Due to lack of specialized research, these kids are receiving mega doses of adult chemo's. There is essentially no research into the long term effects that this chemo will have these young people. That is why I am running to help raise money for Leukemia - Lymphoma research.

There is another young man at Children's that would like you to keep in your prayers. He is 18, and his name is Ryan Salmons. Like so many of these young men and women, Ryan was healthy and athletic when he was completely blind sided by the words "You have cancer". Ryan was just recently diagnosed with stage IV alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. He is currently undergoing some very painful and intensive chemo. It is very similar to the first four chemo rounds that Tyler received. Please keep him in your prayers. His blog is at:


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Tyler back home again. Have been checking your donation page for the marathon. Hope to see more donations coming in. If ever there was a great cause to give a few dollars to, this is it! Lets keep it growing!!!

deyerles said...

Glad you are home Tyler and everything looks clear. We are praying you will feel better soon.

Fight to win!


Mary Kate said...

So excited that Tyler is back home! We love you guys!!

Connie Prutting said...

I have been keeping up with your updates regarding Tyler and hoping for you and your family. I was so glad to meet you both a couple of wks ago at TCH. You know that our family wishes your family well.

Keeping the good thoughts coming.

Connie (A.J.s Auntie)