Monday, May 19, 2008

Back on J-5

Lately Tyler has spent a lot of time in the cancer clinic and in the day hospital for chemo. But it has been a few weeks since he was admitted back to J-5. Tonight Tyler is back, sleeping on J-5. He is having a lot of abdominal pain, as well as jaw, ear, and head pain. I just got home from the hospital. Kathy is taking the night shift. Sitting in the dark, listening to the pulse of the IV, it felt like we had never left.

A bunch of tests have been run, but so far nothing has been identified. The best news is that the preliminary tests show no indication of a relapse of the cancer. That was the primary concern. Still, they have not yet found the problem. The first thought was that his pancreas was shutting down, a known side effect of the chemo he just received. But that also has now been ruled out at this point. In several of the earlier rounds Tyler became very ill and the cause was never found. The assumption was some type of viral infection, although it could never be confirmed or identified. This may be the same thing.

Hopefully we will know more in the morning.

Colyn McDaniel is also back on J-5. He and his dad stopped in to say hello. Colyn has surgery tomorrow. It looks like almost all the rooms on J-5 are full tonight., and there are a lot of new names on the doors. That's not a good thing. Behind every name card is a story of courage. Please keep Tyler, Colyn, and all the others on J-5 in your prayers.

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Cameron said...

I'm sorry you have to be back in the hospital. I hope this stay is short. Our thoughts & prayers are with you all.