Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Good Day in Clinic

Tyler did a lot better yesterday than on Monday. The chemo went a lot faster, and Tyler was feeling good. And get this: He finished a day in the cancer clinic, then he gets home and calls his friends. All went out to CiCi's Pizza, and then went to the Jerome Lacrosse game. He is an amazing young man.

Six months ago I was sitting in the Nuclear Medicine waiting area while Tyler was having more tests run. He had to be wheeled down in his actual hospital bed, because it was too painful to lift him onto the transport bed. Tyler could barely lift his head. It was horrible watching the pain as he was then lifted on to the PET scan table to lay there for a 3-4 hour procedure. As I was in the waiting room I met the family of a 16 year old boy name Taylor (I have developed a habit of starting conversations with every bald kid I see). Taylor came walking in, bald head, big smile, and standing up straight. He walked back to get his chemo treatments, joking and smiling with the nurses. Every day since than I have seen that image in my mind, and prayed for the day that would be Tyler. Yesterday afternoon I saw the first signs of that day arriving.

Tyler still has a lot in front of him. This morning is a tough morning. He probably pushed a little too hard yesterday, and will be doing a lot of recuperating. But the momentum all belongs to Tyler. Signs of "normal life" are starting to appear. Cancer is a beast that does not die easy. But cancer is losing. Tyler is winning. Tyler will completely kill this cancer. He beat all the tumors in in abdomen, chest, and neck. He beat it in his bone marrow. And now he's winning the battle in his blood. Tyler should be finished with chemo in about a month. What a great day that will be! There are still hurdles beyond that, but those will be won as well. We will never be able to thank you all enough for all the support and prayers.

"Fight to Win" - Tyler Alfriend
"You get what your give" - AJ Piniewski
"Change impossible to I'm possible" - Sinjin
"Refuse to Lose" - Stef Tarapchak

Sinjin completed his bone marrow transplant, and is now recuperating from that procedure.
Kylee is continuing to improve, and is having a party this week-end.
Stef is doing great, and will be coming to Kylee's party. I look forward to seeing him.
We have almost 2,500 signatures on AJ's petition.

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Kylee said...

Ugh Tyler I can't even eat CiCi's anymore, but I am glad you can. Take it easy and rest up. Hope you can make it to my party, but if not I will visit soon!