Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.

Take nothing for granted.

Hug your family.

Enjoy life.

Value your time together.

Make the day worth remembering.

Repeat the above every day of your life.

Happy Mother's Day.


JD said...


Today's post applies for ALL of us for EVERY day. It is so easy to get caught up our respective daily travails and forget to do the things you mentioned...thanks for reminding us!


Karen said...

I collect quotes that have special meanings to me. I have had this to my collection. It is very important to treasure each day.


Mom said...

Thank you, Kyle. I wish I was close enough to give you a hug. And to Kathy who has shown incredible strength and love during this time. Happy Mothers Day to all Moms, and especially to those with children fighting to win their battle with cancer.