Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sinjin Andrukates

Tyler was back today for blood counts. He continues to improve (although very slowly). White counts are 1.6. He is hoping to be strong enough to go to the Destroyers game on Saturday. The Kids N Kamp organization has offered us the tickets several times, but Tyler has never been able to go. This is a big step and we are very hopeful he is able. Round 7 of chemo will begin as soon as Tyler's ANC gets to 1,000.

We would all like to ask you for your prayers for Sinjin Andrukates. Sinjin had Burkitt's and beat it. However several weeks after his last chemo it returned. So he beat it again, and scheduled his bone marrow transplant to start this week. Tuesday morning I received a devastating phone call. The cancer is back and the bone marrow transplant is cancelled. As I listened to Sinjin's mom, she told me ho the doctors have said there are no remaining options, while Sinjin is begging to continue to fight. The doctors with all their degrees and statistics and protocols have given up, but this young man of 14 has remained strong and demanded the right to fight. He said, "I can take it as 3 strikes your out or I can say the 3rd times the charm. I say 3rd times the charm, I can do this mama I can beat this, I did it twice before I can do it again." I would not bet against him. Fortunately for Sinjin, his mother has the same fight he does. She got the doctors o reschedule the bone marrow transplant. It will now happen next Tuesday.

Sinjin is now undergoing a series of very painful radiation treatments to knock back the cancer before the bone marrow procedure. As he was being wheeled in for more treatments, he asked his mom to thank everyone praying for him. She asked if there was anything else he wanted to tell everybody. He said "Yes, tell them
ZippZippity do da, Zippity a
My oh my what a wonderful day.
Plenty of sunshine will be coming my way,
Zippity do da, Zippity a."
Cancer is a liar, and deceiver, and a cheater. It follows no rules. And these young people stare straight into the eyes of Hell and fight with a courage far greater than anything I have ever witnessed.
Please keep Sinijin in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

We have been following Sinjin and his journey for some time now and he is an amazing fighter.

He will remain in our prayers as well as Tyler and both families.

God Bless,
Laura, Doug, Elle & JB Smith

Anonymous said...

"Zippity do da" What a wonderful, uplifting song. It shows Sinjin's true spirit.

Too bad people in there everyday life don't just stop stressing about the small stuff and focus on the beauty of life and sing "zippity do da" once in a while.

deyerles said...

Hey guys,

I have been following Sinjin story too. He and his family are in our prayers. Hope you get to the game this weekend. It is 80 degrees today and will be again tomorrow. You know Kenny he has the pool open! It is so nice to know summer is around the corner.
Fight to Win!