Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Team in Training Columbus Marathon

I have now officially begun my official 5 month training program to raise money for cancer research through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. to give to the cause, please go to

Okay. Stop laughing. I got enough of that from Tyler and the other boys. It's funny, but not that funny. I did at least get Erik to say he was proud of me (yes, I was sitting on him at the time, but I still think he was sincere).

I went to the running store to buy some real running shoes. The guy said they had every possible type of running shoe I could ask for, so I asked for the kind the kids wear with the little wheels in the bottom. They did not have those. I was really let down. I told him they should put up a disclaimer about that. The Team in Training coaches had already shot down my roller blade idea.

Actually I talked to the training coach a couple of months ago. He said to get to 25 miles per week and a 5k time under 35 minutes. I did that, so now he claims his 5 month program will get me across the marathon finish line (preferably alive). So here we go.

I thought it would help my motivation to add up all the training miles for the next 5 months, and check them off as I complete them. So I added them up and, after yesterdays training run, there are only 467 miles remaining. Wow. Adding up those miles was a really stupid idea.

Then I decided to I needed a good motivational movie, something like "Chariots of Fire". So Travis offered to take me to see "Run, Fat Boy, Run". Thanks.

Okay. Here's the deal. All the money goes to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society for research. I do this little run (which truly is a walk in the park compared to what Tyler has gone through), and you give a couple dollars to the cause. Here is the site that explains it. Thank you for you support for this cause.


Anonymous said...

Your families strength is amazing. I know when my husband was sick, the last thing I had time or energy for was exercise, yet you are taking on something that very few people can even complete. Congratulations to you for setting such a great goal for yourself and your family.

Anonymous said...

The prayer warriors at Angel Wings will be having a prayer vigil Monday, May 19th between the hours of 8-9 pm EST for Tyler and all the families on our prayer list and our Angel families of AngelWingsRemembers. Please join us in prayer for all these families.


Julie Strunk said...

You can do it Mr. Alfriend! We all know you make it across the finish line!

"You can do anything you set your mind to" - Inspirational words from Emienem

Anonymous said...


You made our family laugh with your story. Good luck and you should be proud of attempting this run, that's wonderful. Tyler, you still continue to amaze us all. The other boys, Travis, Brandon and Erik are just as amazing, you have a great family (that includes Kathy too). Love to you all and good luck!

Tammi from Berwick

Anonymous said...


I ran with Team In Training 5 years ago and completed the marathon thanks to the excellent coaching and encouragement they offered. You are in great hands. Thanks to many loving supporters of my mother who was ill at the time, we raised $11,500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Doug and I will eagerly support you. Go, Kyle, go! May every step of training bring you inspiration! Jenny Wyatt