Saturday, May 24, 2008

Looking to a great week-end

Tyler is starting to feel a little better. Physical therapy wore him out, but it was good. He is up and moving around a bit more. There is still a lot of jaw pain, sometimes making it difficult to talk. He also has a toe infection, thanks to the funky things chemo does to finger and toe nails. He will have to just grin and bear it. His platelets are too low to risk cutting it out. Other than that, he is doing really good. All the results still look good.

It continues to look like Tyler will be done with just one more round of chemo. Travis is getting ready to graduate for high school and is accepted to OSU. Erik is graduating from elementary, Brandon is coming home tomorrow, and bringing a girl for us to meet. All in all we are looking forward to a great week-end.

More good news: Sinjin is coming back strong. The preliminary indications of a relapse appear to be wrong! The bone marrow seems to be working.

Team in Training: The last two runs were very difficult. I never hurt so much in my life. I keep thinking I need to find a cancer fund raiser that involves sitting in a hot tub drinking cold beer. But today was different. The run felt great. I ran my best time ever, even with a few hills, and actually enjoyed it. I even enjoyed the scenery (as apposed to staring at my feet and wish for some of Tyler's morphine). I actually talked to people. Normally I am gasping for air like a beached whale. 31 training miles down -- 442 more miles to the starting line. No problem.


deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Loved seeing the new score card!
Way to go!
Fight to Win!
Only one more round!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good reports.
I have been also praying for and following Sinjin and if I recall the docs did not want to do the bone marrow but they had to beg and now it appears this maybe the thing that might save his life???Am I right in that assesment,Kyle? If so it shows it is not just Ohio but others state.
Have fun meeting the girlfriend!
In Him,
Connie Lukacs

JD said...


Tell your dad that it's 420 miles from Dublin to St. Louis. That should give him a good geographical reference point for the rest of his training.

If he runs from here to St. Louis, tell your dad I will fund the Greyhound bus ride back home!

Great to hear you're 7-0!


Mom said...


Keep on Running. We need the world to run to cure cancer. Way to go!

Can't wait to see everyone for Travis' graduation.