Friday, June 20, 2008

Back to Children's

Counts are still dropping, so Tyler is back a Children's to get some more transfusions. He is still hoping to be strong enough to make the Dublin's Relay for Life, which starts tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 and runs through 10:00 Sunday morning. We will be there for the best part...Tyler and his grandmother on the survivors lap. We would love everyone to join us. Here is the info

Tyler is feeling sick, but is still doing very good compared to the prior rounds. He is very tired, and has a lot of head aches and nausea, but still going good. I am so thankful that we are done with that poison they call chemo. There is no way possible to describe what these kids go through. Unless you have sat for months on J-5, or some other oncology floor, you can not even imagine it. Cancer sucks. There is no other word for it.

I wish everyone could see what goes on with these kids. If that could happen, I believe we would immediately see the focus on research necessary to end this horrible disease that tortures and kills so many of our children. That is the sole purpose of the Cure Childhood Cancer Petition that AJ's dad has been pushing so hard. If you agree, here are a few easy steps. Step 1: Take some time to ready some of the comments. Step 2: Sign the petition. Steps 3 thru 10,000: The tell everyone you know, and then some. Here you go

Finally: The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act was approved in the House and is coming up to the Senate this summer. Christian Barker's mom is back there fighting again. Let your voice be heard in Washington

Team in Training (TNT): Not my best time, but felt really good. And passed a few people...and I think they actually moving when I passed them. And they were real people ... running ... not just old people with walkers. I did slow down enough to make sure they were breathing. I think as long as they are breathing it counts as a pass. 76 miles down. 397 to the starting line.

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