Monday, June 9, 2008

The begining of Round 8

Tyler is just now beginning his 8th round of chemo. Seven months of chemo, and we are now coming to the end. All evidence continues to indicate Tyler is getting to remission. All the other decisions we were looking at are on hold. The bone marrow and stem cell transplants are on hold. I know this sounds very odd, but there was actually a level of excitement about walking into the cancer clinic. Everything will be re-evaluated after this round is finished. We are continually reminded that the cancer is below detectable levels, and the test are no longer accurate. But Tyler has fought hard, and all indications are that he is winning. This could very well be the end of a long battle.

This was graduation week-end for Travis. He has had four great high school years. We are all very proud of him. Tyler was feeling great, Brandon was home from OSU, and my parents were in town. What a great week-end. More and more we are having times together that focus on things other than cancer. Six months ago it was hard to imagine that this would ever be possible.

This entire class of 2008 has really set a high bar for future classes. They have played a very central part in the enormous outpouring of support that we have received from this entire community. They truly rallied around Tyler. All the attention has been a bit embarrassing for Tyler. Right now his focus is trying to find him way back to a "normal" world. But I can honestly say that all the support from this class has been greatly appreciated. It is a very special class. We hope we can help is some way to continue the spark that they started, to continue to help other Dublin families.

Team in Training: Right on schedule. This has been a rough week. The temperature is in the 90's, and I have increased the cross-training. But I'm still on track. During a recent run, one of the trainers ran beside me. He said he had taken over 2,000 people through this training program, and only 5 had not made it. Jokingly I asked, "Okay, but how many FATALITIES?" Without hesitation or change of expression he responded, "I just told you...5."

Great. Now we're having fun. 56 miles down. 417 to the starting line.


deyerles said...


I know this has been a hard road. But you are almost at the end! We are praying for an easy round!

Fight to Win!


Anonymous said...

This is great news Alfriends! Our prayers are being answered! Keep smilin'! We are looking forward to the good news after this round of chemo...Brent and Lori

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you at Graduation Saturday- keep up the fight!

Ben, Sean, Pete and Carol Sward