Thursday, June 12, 2008

Only Two More!!!!!

Tyler just received another chemo injection. He received another one earlier today.

Just one more day...two more injections!!!

Both will be given here at home, one in the morning, the other tomorrow evening. The we are at the end of round 8, and the end of all chemotherapy! I think it's time for fireworks!

There are still a lot of tests to do, but all preliminary indications are that Tyler is in remission! A very long road. And a lot of recovery ahead. But right now is a time to celebrate. We thank you all for all the prayers and support.

Please continue to keep Ryan, Stef, Sinjin, and our other friends in your prayers. Refuse to lose!
And never forget that those who live owe their survival to the research and information that was learned from those who battled before us. Brett, Rob, Nathan, A.J., Christian, Chase, and far too many others.
Please continue to pray for Tyler. The battle of the last few months has been against all the sub-detectable cancer cells. There is really no way to measure the effectiveness. The word "remission" is only accurate in hind sight. The next 3-4 months are the most critical in terms of a relapse. I will be running the Columbus Marathon just as Tyler is celebrating his 4th month cancer-free. The word "cured" starts being used after 12 months cancer-free.
RELAY FOR LIFE: Our family will be participating in Dublin's Relay For Life on June 21st and 22nd. If you can make it to Jerome High School, we would love to see you in support of cancer research.
CONQUER CHILDHOOD CANCER ACT: It has passed the house, and looks good to be approved sometime this summer by the senate. It was renamed the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act, after the daughter of congresswoman Debra Price (R-OH), who who succumbed to neuroblastoma cancer at age 9). Thank you to all who emailed from this blog, requesting their representatives to support the bill.
Team in Training (TNT): The thunder storms cancelled team practice this evening, so I got my miles in at the Dublin Rec Center. I got a little dizzy on the 4th mile. It could be because I have given blood earlier. Also, I did not have time to eat today. But it was still a great run. Feeling a lot better. Tyler still rolls his eyes and says I will never make it. Now I have no choice. Do or die! When I started this two months ago, Tyler said I was too old, slow, and fat. I've dropped about 20 pounds, and I'm getting a little faster. I'm still old, but my lack of maturity is a good compensating factor.
"Ya gots to work with what ya gots to work with"
-Stevie Wonder


dina b. said...

This is a GREAT day!! I rejoice along with all of you!
Dina Bornhorst

Kylee said...

Congrats again. It was great seeing you today. Thanks for being polite and listening to all my stories haha. See you at Relay!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All - I was just sitting here thinking that you are probably getting ready to inject the last chemo of this round (if they had you all screwed up on time like we were). Hope all is going well - we know this is an exciting and scary time, all at once. We continue to check on you and prayer for complete healing! Take care of yourselves!

Heather Timbrook

Spatziano said...

Go Tyler! Go Tyler! Go Go Go Tyler! CONGRATULATIONS MATE! What an adventure this has been. Think positive, keep your chin up and SMILE. It's a new chapter in your life!


Kevin Seely