Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Round 8

Tyler is in his 3rd day for chemo for round 8. This morning was a little rough, but the treatments have not been too bad (compared to some of the prior ones). He has been able to sleep through a lot of the treatment.

Please continue to keep Ryan in your prayers. His blog link is to the right. I will never forget those first several months. The news of cancer, followed by the poison of chemo, shocks every aspect of your being. That is where Ryan is right now.

The best description I have heard of chemo, given to me by a doctor, is that it is like performing surgery with a sledge hammer. In simple terms, chemo takes your body right to the point of death. It is based on the theory that unhealthy cells should die first, and in the end leave enough healthy cells to keep you alive. The entire concept is barbaric. This process is even more bizarre when you realize that these chemo drugs were never designed to kill the rare cancers diagnosed in young people. There is a complete lack of funding to study young adult cancers. Most of these drugs were developed over 30 years ago, designed to fight other cancers in much older adults. With no other options, these kids are simply given mega doses of out dated adult chemos.

A lot of new drugs are being researched that approach the war on cancer in a much different way. Some are called "smart bomb" drugs that can identify cancer cells. Other are drugs and natural treatments that strengthen the bodies natural resources to fight the cancer. But these are still in the early stages of research. That is why the funding is so critical.

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60 training miles down, 413 to the starting line in October.

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