Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Up and Down

Tyler is feeling okay right now. It is a lot of up and down at this point. But he is home, and home is always good!

Tyler's grandma Alice is fighting a relapse of ovarian cancer. The selected chemo program is not working the way we would want, so she is coming here so we can take her to the James. Always get those second opinions.

I had dinner tonight with the men's group from Kids n Kamp, a great cancer support organization. I usually can not make the dinners, so I was excited to go. Just dad's involved with cancer, socializing over dinner and beers. It's a little odd, but I do feel better after going. Don't know why, but it helps. I recommend something like this for everybody.

I skipped a team race to go to the dinner, so I ran earlier inn the day. It was a very hard run. I don't know why. I really had to force the run. It was one of those "choose either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret" moments. I finished the run. But it was harder than last week when I ran at the rec center. That time I forgot my shoes, so I ran barefoot on the treadmill. That hurt. It also felt stupid. I think I looked like Fred Flintstone driving a get-away car.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Kyle and Tyler. The news sounds promising and my prayers continue to be with you. Sat with a woman from Lima today on a plane to Minn. She had a "Team in Training" shirt on and was headed to Anchorage for the marathon on Saturday. She took down Tyler's name and said she would put it on her shirt prior to the race. Kyle you might want to use her services. She's a "pacer" for Nike. Bet she'd be a great trainer!!

Candace Preston-Coy