Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Tyler is mostly off the crutches now, and making great progress on his school work. If the counts are high enough (and we expect they will be), round 8 of chemo will begin next week. They say the road to heaven can sometimes lead us straight through hell, but now we are beginning to see glimpses of heaven on the other side.

It has been said that our family has cancer. That is very true. It effects everyone. I can not say enough about how fantastic the other boys have been as we have battled through this fight with Tyler's cancer.

Last night Travis had his track awards. Travis has gone through his senior year of high school taking on much more responsibility since Kathy and I were always running to and from the hospital. Through all of it he has maintained excellent grades (over 4.0), did great on his ACT's, got accepted to OSU, and lettered in track. Graduation is this week-end.

Brandon also has been fantastic, making honor roll at OSU, getting accepted into Fisher College of Business, and working through all of his curriculum decisions. He has developed great choices in friends, and is very active in college life. He has a house next year with 8 friends, all great kids. He has taken on a lot of responsibilities that Kathy and I usually work with him on. And he still calls us all the time to see how everything is going and just say hello.

And then there is Erik, the "go with the flow" kid. He had been bounced around a lot. many times he did not know whose house he would be going to when he got off the bus. He just took everything in stride, going where he was told to go, some times spending hours at the hospital. All four of our sons are great boys. I am very proud of all of them.

Team in Training: Travis had his track banquet tonight, so I could not run with the team. So I did my 4 miles in the afternoon, just as the storm clouds opened up. As I was running, I was thinking about an article I have just read. It said that for every pound you are over weight, it is like 2 pounds of extra pounding on your legs per step. While running I did the math in my head, times the number of time my feet hit the ground in 26.2 miles.I think it came out to be a few tons of added pressure. This is a good thing to remember at the dinner table, but I would not recommend focusing on it during a run. My legs are killing me. 48 training miles down, 425 to the starting line.


jd said...


It sure was great to your folks at Travis's track banquet! That must mean you're feeling A LOT better :)

Your dad mentioned in his last blog that he has only 425 miles of training to go. In earlier blogs, I helped him visualize how many miles he has to go by creating a this case, the distance to St. Louis.

That seems like such a long way to go, so I'm providing a more local visual for your dad:

It is roughly 55 miles around if he divides 55/425, it equals 7.72727272. Running around 270 7.72 times seems a lot easier than running to St. Louis!

PS. Tell your dad to watch his speed around Dublin...the cops are vicious on speeders!

Cathy Sankey said...

Dear Tyler,
Saw your family at the track banquet. So glad to hear that you are doing well now and enjoying some graduation parties. This senior class has certainly adopted you as their own.

Hope to see you soon. Good luck on the next round of chemo. As always, we think and pray for you each day/

dina b. said...

Just wanted to say that I think of you guys every single day. Kyle and Kathy, your boys are great kids, each one of them in his own way. Kyle, you are amazing with your daily running -- We probably won't even recognize you next time we see you! :)

We continue to pray for Tyler as the eighth, and final, round approaches -- The light is at the end of the tunnel -- Keep fighting! God bless you all --