Sunday, July 13, 2008


We got the results of the CT and PET. Everything is clear! Eight rounds of intensive chemo, and here is the score card:

Tyler: 8
Cancer: 0

It is the news we were expecting, but it is always great for it to be confirmed. The scans were also sent to MD Anderson for review, and we should hear from them next week.

Now we enter the waiting game. This is the part that I do really bad. I hate to wait. Over the past 4 months the focus has been killing all the sub-detectable cells that hide deep in the body. The truth is that the technology simply does not exist to find these rogue cancer cells. Therefore the treatment strategy has been built on an assumption that these sub-detectable cells will respond and die in the same manner as the detectable cells. Now we sit back and wait to see what happens... to see if the assumptions were correct. Blood tests every month, scans every 90 days.

The "good news" about Burkitt's is that, like all the most aggressive cancers, everything happens fast. Therefore is can be killed in only 8 months, and the waiting game is only a year (the first 90-100 days being the most critical). With almost every other cancer, both the battle and the waiting game are so much longer. Many of our J-5 friends have ALL, which is the most common of the childhood cancers. Those kids often have a 3-4 year battle, followed with a 3-4 year waiting game.

We continue to be so appreciative of all the tremendous support and prayers we have received by so many people. I have absolutely zero doubt that those prayers were critical in saving Tyler's life. On the map to the right hundreds around the country have posted their support for Tyler. There is no way possible we can thank you all enough.

One of Tyler's very early and constant supporters has been Stef Tarapchak. Please keep Stef in your prayers. He is back at The James, and having a very rough time. His cancer has taken some unexpected turns.

Tyler's grandma Alice is also struggling. She changed her chemo after getting a second opinion from the James, but the treatments have been very difficult. Please keep her in your prayers.

TNT Update: 131 miles down. 347 remain to get to the marathon starting line. Next Sunday is out first "official" race, a 10 miler with Fat Rabbit Racing in Columbus. I did 9 miles yesterday. Nobody has mistaken me yet for being from Kenya, but I am getting faster.


Strunks said...

Way to go Tyler! We knew you could fight to win.

Love, The Strunks

Cameron said...

That is wonderful news! We are so excited for you all!

Lori Brown

deyerles said...

Dear Tyler,

Great news!!! Like I said before Fought and won! I feel confident we will all be celebrating again when you reach 1 year cancer-free!

Dear Tyler,

Congratulations you fought and you've won. Now go eat some chipotles.Have a good summer.Come and visit us.

Your Cousin,

Anonymous said...

YEAH!! Way to go Tyler. Chris and I have been checking religiously, knowing you should be getting results soon and that they should be good! We know it was a hard fight, but are so glad you are finally going to get the chance to rest and start enjoying things again. We know the struggles with worry and hope that you all will keep constant faith (even though sometimes it's hard) and begin to smile again (and breath!)!

We are thinking of you and praying for you! Take care of yourselves and keep in touch!

Heather Timbrook (and family)

M said...

Congrats on the big win!!!!! There are no better words than "clear scan."

It is amazing the strength Tyler and all Burkitt's men find to fight this nasty battle. After Burkitts, there is nothing they can't take on!

Your blog is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

(sister to Drew, who lost his battle 2 years ago)

Amy Salmons said...

That is incredible news. We are so happy for your family. We will continue to pray for Tyler and your family. There is no doubt that prayer definitely works.

God Bless you all,
Amy Salmons

Kylee said...

Im excited for you to start regaining strength and get back to normal life. Lucky for you, you will have your normal hair back WAY before I do. Lol

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyler!! This is awesome news. The prayers will not stop here. I am waiting patiently to be ding dong and ditched so I hope you are gaining strength every day!

You are a true inspiration to those of us who have watched you fight so courageously!!

Rhonda Hoffman

MJ/Angel_Wings said...


The Prayer Warriors at Angel_Wings
will be having a Prayer Vigil on Saturday,
July 19th between 8-9 P.M. EST for
all of the children and adults on our
prayer lists and our Angel Families.
Please join us in prayer for these


AJay Piniewski said...

Simply wonderful. I am so happy for you all.

Anonymous said...

Tyler and Family,

You can see the finish line! I am so happy for all of you.

A.J.'s Auntie

Anonymous said...

Tyler, I am SO happy about the good news! :-) I think about you often and I can't wait to see you back at school. Our homeroom and biology class just wasn't the same without you.

:-) Mrs. S.