Thursday, July 10, 2008


Long day in Nuclear medicine. Now we are just waiting on the results. I am not expecting any surprises. Tyler is continuing to look and feel better.

As we walked into the Nuclear Medicine section of radiology, I had a flash back to our very first time there. I would get cold chills every time a doctor came by, because all they ever had was more bad news. Tyler was so weak, he had to be lifted from the escort bed onto the PET scan bed. He could barely hold up his own head. Someone said just take one day at a time, but we were struggling to get through one hour at a time. On our first trip down there I walked out in the hall way and met another 15 year old boy. His name is Taylor, and he is from Lima. He was bald from chemo, but smiling and joking and looking great. As I spoke to his mom, I stared at him and prayed for the day Tyler would be walking tall and confident like Taylor. At the time, that day seemed so far away. A far off distant dream. But yesterday we had that day. I could not help to stare in pride at Tyler. Tall, thin, and bald, he walked around radiology feeling strong and healthy. Thank you all so very much for all the prayers and support.

Tyler still has a lot ahead of him, but he is winning. It will take a while for everyone to review the results of today's tests, but we have complete confidence that all is going great.


Anonymous said...

Praying those scans show clear!!!!
We know they will. FIGHT TO WIN!!!

Anonymous said...


I was so glad to read your dad's remarks today. Continue to hold your head high. Praying for great scans today and always.

A.J.'s Auntie

Kylee said...

I hate going to Radiology too. Floods me with bad memories, but it feels good to walk in and out without a problem. Praying for good results.

Cathy Sankey said...

Dear Tyler,

I have been away for a great deal of the summer, including a wonderful trip to China to visit schools there. It is so terrific to return and catch up on your progress-- at Jerome we are hoping and praying that your scans are clear. We believe! Fight to win!

Mrs. Sankey

MJ/Angel_Wings said...


The Prayer Warriors at Angel_Wings
will be having a Prayer Vigil on Saturday,
June 19th between 8-9 P.M. EST for Tyler and
all of the children and adults on our
prayer lists and our Angel Families.
Please join us in prayer for these