Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Cancer Fighter

I am a cancer fighter
I wonder when this will be over
I hear people crying with pain
I see the tears of pain in their eyes
I want to be cancer free
I am a cancer fighter

I pretend that its not there
I feel my heart beating rapidly with fear
I touch the tears falling down my cheeks
I worry if it will come back in the future
I cry in the night because of the pain
I am a cancer fighter

I understand the dangers of cancer
I say I will live another day
I dream my cancer will disappear
I try to work hard in school even though I miss a lot
I hope all cancer patients will survive
I am a cancer fighter

I always try to stay healthy
I will work hard to become a survivor
I fight this cancer with everything I have
I know I will get better
I avoid the fear of death
I am a cancer fighter

I see people using all their strength
I hear the people’s words of encouragement
I feel my hopes building in my heard
I hope this will be the end of my fight
I am a cancer fighter

--Blake Hottinger

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How fantastic! Our prayers have been answered! We've been with you every you every step of the way! We now needs prayers for my friend who has been diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. Please be with Judy Smith. She is having a very difficult time. I was so pleased to see her lap one time in our local Relay for Life. Our small communitee has raised this year of over $75,000. All together our community of under
3,000 has raised over half a million dollars for cancer research and treatment. This is what the USA is all about. Continue to FIGHT BACK, TYLER!