Thursday, August 21, 2008

How About Some Great News!

Tyler was diagnosed with Burkitt's just days after getting his drivers permit. Since that time I have considered getting Tyler's drivers license a milestone event in his victory over cancer. Tyler has now begun drivers training, and will have his license soon! What a day! Tyler was at Children's today and all tests continue to come in fantastic.

Tyler's grandma Alice is fighting a relapse of ovarian cancer, and recently received scans indicating the cancer was advancing quickly. She then came to Columbus to get another second opinion from the James. After review we learned that the original interpretation of the scans was wrong. It turns out she is doing much better than originally thought, and The James has put together a new protocol involving chemo treatments only once per month.

And there is a lot of great news on the Burkitt's front...

Sinjin, "the unstoppable". After two relapses the doctors had written him off. He now has received completely clear scans. No detectable cancer! He is now been moved out of the hospital and into the Ronald McDonald house. Never stop fighting!

Brendan, fighting relapsed Burkitt's, is feeling strong and waiting on his bone marrow transplant.

Mason, fighting a relapse of Burkitt's, is out of his coma and out of ICU. His blood counts are now on the rise and looking much better.

Nick has some very scary images on his scans, but after a visit back to the hospital all is good. Scans are clear! He is back home, and starting school next week.

Tristan is fighting Burkitt's, and has had his bone marrow transplant. After some very tough times, he is now feeling good. He has clear scans, and discussions are being made about a time table to go home.

Jana is home and feeling great. She is now over a year in remission without a relapse.

And A.J.'s petition is over 13,000 strong! You can sign it at the top of the page.

TNT Update: Finally crossed the half way point! 250 training miles completed, 228 miles until I reach the Columbus Marathon starting line. This week-end is the 1/2 marathon race. Tyler's grandma Alice asked how far that was. I told her. She yelled at me, "13.1 miles! You mean all in a row?". Yes grandma, all in row.


MJ said...

Morning Tyler and Family I am so thankful things are going well and hope you are able to get your license soon !! Praise the Lord that Alice is doing better and I am praying for her complete recovery. Know that I am thinking about you Tyler and keeping you in prayer always. MJ/Angel_Wings

yvonne said...

Thanks for the updates on Tyler and also the other children we should be praying for. I don't look at the every day but do look at it often. God is faithful!!!

deyerles said...

So happy to hear everyone is doing so well. Congradulations Tyler on driving school. You'll be cruising before you know it! I can still remember when I got my license. It was so much fun and so nice to be mobile.........


Grandma Bonnie said...

Tyler, driving-terrific - a real land mark. Grandpa's car is waiting for you to take the test run.

And Kyle, 1/2 mark - Run to Win. You make us proud.

And Grandma Alice, wonderful news. There is a lot to laugh and shout about in the Alfriend household.


Grandma Bonnie