Thursday, September 18, 2008

90 Days and Counting!

Tyler just hit the 90 day mark for remission! This waiting game is no fun, but each day is another victory. School, driving, and "normal" life is making the time go much faster. Monday we are back to Children's for scans. Everything is going great.

We are now in what the doctors call the "good news" about Burkitt's. Most cancers have a period of 4 years or more where the relapses are in the 50% range. But that is not true about the most aggressive cancers like Burkitt's. Every week without a relapse is a victory. Most relapses occur very early, within the first 3-4 months. After 12 months of remission, relapses are very rare.

An update on Cole. Last week the doctors said further chemo would kill him, but ending chemo would have the same results. His parents were asked what they wanted to do. Fight. You always fight. Always. My mind first went to Sinjin, who was told he had no remaining options 134 days ago. Today Sinjin is back home and has started back on his school work.

From Cole's dad, Aaron: "One step forward, another step back. Last night and this morning have not been the best for Cole. He seems to be having a few more bumps in the road. If it is a part of his chemo treatment or his lungs worsening we don't really know. He seemed to be having a harder time breathing. So between his breathing , his throw up and restlessness we had a hard morning. They seemed to have switch around some more meds so his comfort level has gotten a lot better. The breathing continues to take a slow bounce back up after last night. Hopefully I will be able to report better news later."

Please keep in your prayers our friends battling relapsed of Burkitt's. Sinjin, Tristan, Mason, and Brendan.

TNT: Tyler's big milestone, 4 months of remission, is the date of the Columbus Marathon. Training for this thing is getting hard. 362 training miles run so far. 116 miles to go to the starting line. My longest run to date, done this Monday, is 18 miles. I will be running the Run Wild Homestretch 20 mile race in Columbus on 9/28. During last week's training run I was passed by another runner at about the 15 mile mark. As he passed, he yelled, "Do you feel it yet? Do you feel the runner's high?" Not even close. I have become close personal friends of the runner's low, but have yet to meet the runner's high. Every inch of my body hurts. Whose dumb idea was this, anyway? Oh well, it is for charity after all.


deyerles said...

Great News......... Tyler!

Praying for clear scans next week!

Fight to win!


Kylee said...

I am getting scans on Monday tooooooooooooooooo! Let us know when you will be there.

Anonymous said...

How about a new picture of Tyler, so those of us in blogging land can see how healthy and GREAT he probably looks these days!?

Stefan Tarapchak said...

Hey, Tyler. Saw your folks at the hospital today. Sorry I did not get a chance to see you. My day was a little full today. Glad that you are three months out now!! Praise the Lord. Keep going, brother! Miss you guys.

Lisa Slonecker said...

Gosh--you are doing terrific, Tyler! Way to go. We have a very, very positive feeling that you have beat this thing for good!

Kyle--We will be at the marathon and will be cheering you on. Can't wait to see you and we know you will be terrific!