Friday, September 26, 2008

Beating Cancer: Brendan Kizar

Brendan Kizar
Brendan Kizar was a healthy 16 year old. Then in February, without warning, he was diagnosed with stage IV Burkitt's Lymphoma. His family made almost the identical treatment decisions we did for Tyler. And, like Tyler, he fought hard and beat the cancer. But although Brendan had the same cancer and the same treatment, his cancer came back. So he started back on radiation and chemo, this time to be followed by the bone marrow transplant. But this time the cancer would not retreat. It has become fully resistant to treatment, and has now spread to 90% of his bone marrow. A secondary leukemia has also set in. Brendan is nopw on hi way to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, and is the first human to receive a new experimental drug to stop the cancer long enough to perform the bone marrow/stem cell transplants. He continues to fight, and will beat this. And, being on an experimental drug, will be instrumental in saving many more lives. FIGHT TO WIN, BRENDAN.

Also remember Steven Measer. He has been able to beat back his Burkitt's, but can find no matching donors for the transplant. So he waits. With a cancer that doubles in size every 16 hours, he just sits and waits.

Sinjin, Mason, Tristan are also all working through the war with relapsed Burkitt's. They are still deep in the battle, but are making great progress.


debbie said...

Dear Tyler,

I am so happy to hear...........

Congratulations! You continue to Fight and Win!!!!!!!!!

Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

update :[

on october 3rd at approximately 5:15 pm, brendan kizer passed away.

pray for his family and friends.
we all miss him..

Anonymous said...

RIP Brendan
you will be missed
of all the people you were the most caring
man its not the same
you were an inspiration to all
save a spot for us in heaven

Love you Always