Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cole Ruotsala

Two weeks ago Cole's parents were asked to make a decision. Cole needed more chemo to stop the advancing cancer. But any more chemo would likely result in complete organ failure. So what do you do? Only you can make the decision. So what are the odds? It does not matter. The only odds that matter are 0% and 100% -- but those numbers do not exist in the world of cancer. So what do you do? You fight. You always fight.

Cole passed away on Friday.

A healthy child has many wishes. A child with cancer only has one.

"To describe our pain would be to bankrupt all the languages of all the worlds."--Mark Twain, on the death of his daughter

Tyler and Kylee are here to remind us that there is a reason to fight. There is a victory.

Brett, Rob, A.J., and Cole are here to remind us that this is a war that involves us all. They fought with all their strength. But the cancer was bigger than the available medical research. This fight requires all of us. It requires awareness, funding, and commitment.

Stef, Ryan, and Brendan are here to remind us that this fight is on-going. They need our help. Every day matters.

Fight to Win

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AJay Piniewski said...

had some success with the Boston Globe on publicizing September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Go to The Big Picture - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to see the photojournalism effort. They have PAC2 kids, a link to PAC2 and the Petition both.

Please EACH ONE OF YOU PLEASE PLEASE take the time to comment on the story, you don't even have to register. That is how the media will come to realize the sheer number of us out here. And that we are paying attention to what they write or dont write. And then they may continue to support our efforts to raise awareness. It takes a minute to comment. Please do it.