Friday, December 19, 2008

6 Months

Next week we are back at Children's. We are approaching the milestone of 6 months in remission. More tests, and meetings to discuss last weeks tests. Everything continues to look great. Tyler continues to get stronger.

We thank God first for all the results. This is indeed a miracle. And we thank all of the friends who have supported Tyler. And we especially thank all of those who fought before us, and are fighting now. Every single child who has battled through this ugly cancer has contributed to the available knowledge on this disease. Not one of these battles have been in vain. We own so much to them, and all their experiences.

Please continue to remember our friends.
Stef is really hurting right now.
Mason, with relapsed Burkitt's is getting ready for his bone marrow transplant.
Ryan in fighting another one of those constant infection that result for the low blood counts.
Tristan has had his transplant, and working through all the side effects of the treatment.
Gavin has Burkitt's, and has relapsed. He is an lot of pain right now.
Trey is having a rough time right now.

As the months piled on and we did the research, we found hope. Limited as it may be in the DIPG cancer community, we found hope. We looked under every rock and in every place we possibly could. We found it, even though we didn't always have it.
--John Agin

Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul. And those three things are going to carry on forever.
--Jim Valvano

Cancer-I intend not only to beat you, But to better the lives of everyone I can: By loving them, encouraging them, giving Them information, making them laugh, Praying for them and by any other Means I can Cancer, you are not the end. You are merely my opportunity to serve Others and perhaps my only chance to attain At least some small measure of heroism
--Mark Hartwig

Courage + Believe = Life.
--Scott Challis

I have cancer, but cancer does not have me.
--Eric Shanteau

I'm not scared to die, I'm just not ready.
--Leroy Sievers

I might be more than a little disappointed with the hand I've been dealt, but it is what it is. Thinking about what it could be is pointless. It ought to be different, that's for sure, but it ain't. We deal with realities, not pretty possibilities. And I'm sorry, cancer, but I refuse to stop enjoying life. I made that decision at the outset
--Miles Levin

You have never lived until you have almost died, and for those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know.
--Written on the wall of the Hanoi Hilton prisoner of war camp

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened
--Dr. Seuss

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deyerles said...

Great News guys! We continue to pray for complete healing.