Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trey Martens

At Children's Hospital, along side Tyler, Trey Martens fought cancer for a year. After a year long battle, Trey Martens, 9 years old, passed away last night.
How does this make you feel? Sad? Angry? Please take those emotions, and do the following: First-pray for Trey's family. Second-Commit to stopping childhood cancer. Fight for a cure. Fight for more funding. Fight for more awareness. And remember, whenever you fight...always Fight to Win. Refuse to Lose.
A healthly child has many wishes.
A child with cancer has only one.

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kathi said...

Hey Kyle,
Just came to check on Tyler and read your writing, which I always enjoy, I am sitting here bawling. I guess I am having a weak moment but I am so very tired of hearing of our children dying, so tired of no one listening. I am fortunate to have two healthy girls at home, there are times I feel guilty for that, but I cherish every moment with them. I hope someday all of the fighting for awareness does some good, I will not stop. I will never forget all of our lost children, or the ones like Tyler who inspire others and fight so hard...I HATE CANCER. I guess I have vented enough for now....
missing Kelsie...
Aunt Kathi