Thursday, February 12, 2009

Running For Cancer

Jake Silberg is a teenager who also fought Burkitt's last year, and beat it. He was diagnosed while on a family vacation to Europe, and was sent back home to be treated at Sloan-Kettering in NY. He just recently passed the critical 12 month remission period. During his fight, he had a saying taped on the ceiling above his bed:

Every day is a gift.
Everyday holds the hope of changing the world.
Everyday is a chance to make life AWESOME!

To raise awareness and funding, his mom will be running her 2nd marathon this spring with Team in Training. Team in Training raises money for all types of blood cancers. You can go here to see her fund raising site:

There are no words can describe the sensation of crossing that finish line with your healthy son there to cheer you on. I know it surpasses anything in recent memory. I am fairly sure that Kathy and Tyler were the last two people in Ohio who believed I would complete the race. In May I will be joining back up with Team in Training for the 2009 Columbus marathon in October. Right now I training for the Commit to be Fit 1/2 marathon in May.

My goal in running the marathons is to raise funding and awareness for pediatric cancer. I had never run before, so last year I had a secondary cross the finish line still living and breathing. This year I have changed my secondary goal (although staying alive would still be a positive). This year the secondary goal is to find this "runner's high" everyone talks about. 500 miles of training and a marathon...and I never got there. I never hurt so bad in my entire life. I think all these runners are totally insane. Every inch of my body hurt, including places I didn't even know I had. So clearly the only logical response is to do the whole thing all over again.

Some Updates on our friends. Please keep them in your prayers:

Our youngest son, Erik, has a very good friend who is hurting right now. It's not cancer, but it is a lot of heavy medical stuff. His name is Connor. Please remember him in your prayers.

Ryan continues to fight very hard. He is still in that important stage of the fight with cancer where every victory is critical. at every step, he refuses to lose. Please keep him in your prayers.

Matthew Barr recently relapsed and is now into his radiation treatments. He remains strong and continues to fight hard.

Mason McLeod is fighting relapsed Burkitt's. He received a new bone marrow from his brother last month. He continues to make progress as his body works to accept the new marrow.

Tristan is also fighting relapsed Burkitt's. He has also received his new bone marrow, and continues to improve.

Our friend Sinjin keeps on fighting. He has had a few relapses with Burkitt's, and is working through all of those issues.

Will Ellis turned 15 yesterday. He is now home and they are working on his pain treatments. His cancer has relapsed and, at this point, there are not viable options.

18 year old Matthew Brand passed away this week after a three year fight with Leukemia. Please keep his family in your prayers.

And continue continue to remember the family of Mason Woods. Mason passed away last week. His mother wrote today:
I told Mason before he passed away that I couldn't be prouder of him than I was. He was a wonderful son, a good Christian, tried hard, fought hard, played hard, loved hard.....What more could a mother want except more time? And that was just not to be....

And never forget...
A healthy child has many wishes.
A child with cancer has only one.

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eatrunliveCBUS said...


I had no idea you really were going to run again. I am so proud of you. How are you doing on your training for the half? I am very proud of you. As I told you, I was hoping that I couldn't run b/c I am pregnant and I am!

Miss you....Emily