Friday, March 27, 2009

ESPN Announces Newest Addition to Blue Jackets!

Tyler came running into upstairs, yelling "Ryan is on ESPN!"

Ryan Salmons was just signed by the Blue Jackets. Jason Chimera and Manny Malhotra came out to Ryan's house to present the contract and his #3 jersey. Then ESPN picked up the story. Now how cool is that!

Fight to Win, Ryan!

Go here to see the ESPN story.

The Blue jackets are a great organization. Jason Chimera and other players can to see Tyler as well. The team is very supportive of J-5. It is fantastic to watch the close friendship that has developed between Jason and Ryan.

And some other news...

Mason McLeod received some results that his treatments for Burkitt's are starting to work. Prayer works. Keep it up!

Matthew Barr will back next week to check the results of this last round of treatments. Please keep him in your prayers.

Tristan Saputo and Sinjin Andrukates continue to improve as the beat their relapse of Burkitt's. Please do not forget them in your prayers.

And Team in Training...
I will be running again to raise money for research. First, the Columbus marathon in October, and then the Tampa marathon in January (I work hard to find all the flattest places in the U.S. to run).

I still remember when my mother in-law asked how far a marathon was. She then yelled at me, saying "26 miles? You mean all in a row?"

I am just getting back into the running, and I am surprised how hard it is. I am still not sure why I agreed to this. It really is not any fun (although it feels great when it's over). The other day, while running, I was remembering all we went through during last years training. I came up with this list of how to know if you are running again.

  • You wake up every morning in pain.

  • You feel lost without a water bottle in your hands.

  • You can eat your weight in pasta.

  • You meet your friends at a bar, and you order a Gatorade.

  • Your favorite entertainment is watching the New York marathon on TV.

  • You schedule appointments around running.

  • Your definition of work is a break between runs.

  • Your feet look like rawhide.

  • Your toes are black.

  • You know the mileage on your shoes better than mileage on your car.

  • You run in your dreams when asleep.

  • You know more sources of pain than an Eskimo has words for snow.

  • You are always hungry.

  • You fantasy is being arrested for running 70 in a 60 MPH zone.

  • When someone tells you their age, you automatically think of their Boston qualifying time.

  • Body Glide is your closest friend.

  • Your daily vitamin is Ibuprofen.

  • Little kids on bikes pass you, laughing and yelling "Run, Forrest, Run!"


Erin McGraw said...

Thanks for the link to the story Kyle. I am always rooting for the Blue Jackets but this makes me really want them to be inspired by Ryan and make the playoffs. Thanks for all your updates and I am so encouraged to see what great progress Tyler has made. Good luck with the marathon training!!

Anonymous said...

Great news story!!!

My toenails are black from running! Please let us know when your marathon website posts, I couldn't find it yet. The entertainment value of you running blogs is worth the price! From a fellow TNT more mile.......xoxo