Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tyler continues to do great in school and all other activities. He has even started getting taller, growing again since the chemo stopped. The doctors blocked him from going back on the track team, so he moved over to volleyball and made the team. We are looking forward to going to all those games.

Please continue to keep our friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Ryan Salmons is back home, and hospice is working to make him as comfortable as possible. It was very much Ryan's wish to get back home and in his own room. other than pain med's, all treatments have been stopped.

Mason McLeod continues to fight his relapse of Burkitt's. The Make-A-Wish Foundation (a fantastic organization!) showed up with gifts for Mason on Monday. They always make a big presentation. Mason is done with radiation for a while, and is waiting for the results of more tests.

Matthew Barr is in that terrible "wait and see" time frame. The tests will be run on April 3rd to see the effectiveness of the recent treatments.

Tristan Saputo, fighting a relapse of Burkitt's, is doing great! His mom was talking to the doctor about all that Tristan has survived, and the doctor responded, "I could not have done it with out God's help." He ended saying that's the only explanation he has for how well Tristan is doing. A true miracle.

Your prayers and support are very important. Never stop. Miracles happen!

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Anonymous said...

Sinjin had a Dr. Appt on Monday and met Clayton...he has Burkitts. This is his site
Sinjin said to tell you that if he ever gets on a TV talk show he is taking you and AJ's dad with both speak the truth and your words touch us all so deeply.
with unstoppable hope Sinjin's mama