Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will Ellis

Last month, February 11th, was Will's 15th birthday. I had posted here (Will Ellis) , asking you to send him a birthday note. I believe the idea originated with Sinjin. The result was that Will received uncountable birthday wishes from all over the country. It was a bright spot at a very difficult time for Will. Only days earlier the doctors had told Will and his family that, after a 7 year battle, all options had been exhausted. But in the mist of the pain, Will received the birthday wishes, and saw the incredible impact he has made on 1,000's of people.

Yesterday Will's family sent this message:
"Our beloved son passed away this morning at 5:15am. It was peaceful, quiet, and we were with him. It was a moment I will never forget. He is at peace and in pain no more."

So what do we do now?

1. Keep Will's family in your prayers.
2. Keep fighting for the cure. It is out there. And whenever you fight for something of value, always remember to Fight to Win.

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