Sunday, April 19, 2009

Josh Prunsky

On the last post I talked about courage. There are many stories of courage mentioned here on this blog. Several times when I have posted prayer requests for Josh Prunsky. If you have ever doubted the level of courage in 12 year old boy, then read below. These are excerpts from posts Josh made over the past few weeks. As the cancer is spreading through his body, he faces it head on. He displays a passion for life and a love for his mother.

All my friends folded 1,000 paper cranes(origami). Japanese legend says that if a person receives 1,000 paper cranes, he is granted one wish. Everybody knows my wish. THANKS from the bottom of my heart, you guys made my day. Mom is helping me string them around my room. My room is kinda a shrine to hope. I have prayer blankets, a quilts, prayer paper chains, tons of cards letters and pics, crosses, and many other things that mean special things to me. It makes me feel good when I close my eyes at night.

I really miss running, especially this time a year. I still cannot believe I was able to run after the first surgery. Now my left side is getting weaker everyday, but I always say it is better to have played the game than to not play at all. What I learned playing so many sports has helped me during my battle. My mom always has been behind me. Ever since I was 4 and wanted to play sports, she always made it happened.

I feel good, just cold and super tired. I have noticed some changes. My left arm is colder than the right, and little things like tying shoes and zipping my coat are annoying. I always joke with my mom. She needs it. She is stressed. She says she is not, I think she is lying. I have been throwing up my dinner every night. My mom is going to change what I eat and give me an extra pill to see if it will help. Please keep praying.

My heart still feels sad. I know I will feel better getting out of the house. It is not as easy for me to get around like I use to. My mom told me if I want to go anywhere she will find a way to make it happen. The docs put me back on a steroid to help slow down the brain swelling. My mom said it might help me eat more. I hope nobody ever has to go thru what I am. I do not tell you everything all the time. It is hard to stay positive. I know my mom is having a hard time. She is the toughest person I know, but she is tired. Whenever I wake up she is right there. Now she holds my cold hand and my dog lays on my cold feet.

I go to the hospital tomorrow to find out what the next step is. I hope everybody can say an extra prayer that I still have some options, and maybe one of them can give me some more time and the miracle I keep asking GOD for. I want more time. There are so many things I want to do with my life and do not want my mom to be alone.

Josh passed away on Friday, with his mother by his side.

The truth is that we are not doing enough to stop this cancer. These young people display incredible amounts of courage, but they need our help. They can not do it alone. if you want to help other children, a great place find ideas is in a site created by AJ's dad. Go here to PAC-2.

And please continue to remember Mason McLeod in all your thoughts and prayers. It is said that we all have a path to greatness, and for some of us, that path will lead us through Hell. And when it does, the only choice is to just keep on moving. With incredible courage and faith, Mason and his family have been walking that path for 13 months. Fight to Win!

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