Monday, April 6, 2009

Mason McLeod

Please read yesterday post below about Mason.

I have another number to Humana that may get more results. It is the Authorization Department, 1-800-491-4421. Also still call the main office, 1-800-486-2620. They will both give you the run around about HIPPA privacy laws (a series of patient privacy rules that seem to be used more to protect medical institutions from scrutiny than protect patient privacy). But they do record the message. Do not push any buttons. Stay on the line until you get to someone live.

Just say something along the lines of, "Mason McLeod is 10 year old cancer patient at Duke in North Carolina. He is a Humana policy holder, and needs a DLI (Direct Lymphocyte Infusion). Humana refuses to pay for this necessary procedure. I would like to protest Humana's decision, and ask that the procedure be approved. Mason is fighting for his life."

Be professional and polite (the person you are talking to is not a decision maker). just make the call and express your view.

Do a google search on "cancer patient denied treatments", and you will find 1,000's of stories in Great Britain, Australia, and other nationalized health care countries. That is not were we are in the United States. We have not turned the decisions of life and death over to a 3rd party. In the United States of America, insurance companies have not been granted this authority. It is our right and our obligation to voice our objections when abuse occurs.

Mason with Gavin, his little brother and bone marrow donor.



Anonymous said...

Made the call...


Anonymous said...

I called. They said they would pass in the info.

Anonymous said...

I have called both numbers. They gave me a bunch of B.S. about the appeal process. He does not have the time to fight an appeal. Maybe that is part of Humana's stratigy.

Just give the kid a fighting chance!

Anonymous said...

I made the call. I want to do more. This should be on CNN, FOX, and everywhere else.

David and Patty

Anonymous said...

Thiss kid right here was my bestfriend , if you dont belive me you dont gotta , he will forever be in my heart ,